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How Internet Dating Brought Me to Love and the East Pea Ridge Church

Story by Nancy Jameson
Published 1/15/13

While the Internet may have brought Nancy Jameson and Negero Djalata together, it was their love for God that led to them marrying.

When I met Negero Djalata on a Christian website, one of the very first subjects I wrote about was my involvement with the Kairos Prison Ministry. It is my God-given passion and I knew that if any relationship could even begin to develop, he would have to understand and support me in it as I have spent and will continue to spend many hours as a Kairos volunteer. He was overjoyed with what I had written. He wrote back telling me he was a chaplain at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville and one of his duties was to take care of all the needs with the Kairos volunteers. Needless to say, we both felt God was bringing two hearts together on some very important common ground.

So, right from the start, we began to talk about our church families and our first and greatest love, Jesus. Negero told me about the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Because of the importance of my church family and my relationship with Jesus, I began to research about his church.

As my research continued and our relationship grew, we decided to meet and worship together in an Adventist Church in my local area. I was so moved by the way I was received. Everyone made both of us feel completely welcomed and it was not only the first time we visited but each time thereafter. I soon began studying with Justin Howard, pastor at the [Mountain View Conference’s] East Pea Ridge church in Huntington, W.Va. When I had questions, and I did have a few, Pastor Justin always answered me with solid biblical truth. I spent my whole life in church … but now it was as if there was a whole new revelation of the Word. I was excited and challenged at every level. I had been baptized as a young adolescent in my Methodist Church. But after studying, I learned how baptism demonstrates the power of His death, burial and resurrection and I knew how important it was to be baptized in the same method of my Savior, Jesus. When Pastor Justin began to tell me how it would take place in the church I was overcome with excitement and responded with great enthusiasm, ‘You mean I will get to wear a robe? Yippee!”

My new birth took place on a glorious fall day. My new church family showered me with many acts of love that day. Soon after, Negero and I were married. We are both convinced that God has work for us to do, not only as individuals but as a couple. One of those areas is to continue in the Kairos Prison Ministry. And we are both open to His leading in other areas of ministry, too. You see, when God brought us together, He also brought two countries closer as my husband is from Ethiopia and I from the United States. Already our marriage is such a testimony to the power of the gospel. God’s love truly is a universal language.

At 62 years of age I began a new and enriched life with my new Adventist Church family and will continue to share Christian fellowship with all my Christian brothers and sisters.

Nancy Jameson is overjoyed after Justin Howard, pastor of the East Pea Ridge church in Huntington, W.Va., baptizes her.

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