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Christian Motorcyclists Ride for Charity in Ohio

Story by Ohio Conference Staff
Published 1/29/13

About 400 motorcycles line up to begin the Rolling Prophets’ eighth annual Toy Run.

Imagine pulling up to a local Toys“R”Us to shop only to find nearly 400 leather-clad motorcyclists in the parking lot, or heading down to a small town square and finding dozens of motorcycles and their riders. Such sights are difficult to ignore, and that is precisely what the Rolling Prophets of Newark, Ohio, count on.
Pastor Tom Hughes of Ohio Conference’s Newark church founded the Rolling Prophets, a chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA), and is the group’s chaplain. Hughes partners with members from his church and staff from their New Horizons Community Learning Center (NHCLC) and Adventist Community Services (ACS) Center to participate in community charity drives. He also launches his own initiatives.
The largest of these was the eighth annual Toy Run, where 400 riders helped collect and distribute 3,000 toys to children in the Newark area. The Rolling Prophets, who meet monthly, set up a table and shared hundreds of Steps to Jesus, The Ride of Your Life, a special issue of Ellen White’s Steps to Christ. Twelve Newark members helped staff the table, where they collected names of interested people and answered questions of passersby.

“I believe in working within the Christian biker community to lead the unchurched to Christ,” said Hughes, who regularly witnesses to bikers as part of his Bible biker ministry and for the CMA.
A new project late last year was Newark’s first Run for the Hungry followed by their inaugural Fair on the Square and Motorcycle Show. Despite brutally cold temperatures, wind and rain, they raised $6,000. All proceeds went toward the purchase of 12 new computers for the NHCLC and their community classes, and to help stock the ACS’s food bank, where approximately 400 people each month get food and clothing. “As the new director of our Adventist Community Services center, I was thrilled to see everyone work together so successfully!” said Donna Goodell.
The group’s continued efforts have paid off. According to Pastor Hughes, “Neil Reese was the first biker to accept Jesus through the Rolling Prophets ministry in Newark. He now serves Jesus joyfully and is the vice president of the group.” Reese asked Hughes to baptize him sometime this spring.

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Pastor Michael A.D. Smith, II
2013-01-30 8:53 PM

While living in Daytona Beach for a couple of years, I witnessed a similar outpouring of motor cyclists that traveled to FL during Bike Fest, OctoberFest, and other motor bike events. I also witnessed and met some of the Christian Biker groups that would pray and serve the community while they were there. This is a testament to the power of God's love. I commend Pastor Hughes on this great work he is doing. Often times the general public looks at bikers as 'rough riders', tough exterior, and troublsome; but this shows that even Christians can enjoy mounting a Harley and serving people with the Love of God. I wish you a mighty blessing on each rider and may His love continue to shine in your hearts...and also on the Chrome! lol