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Dozens of Kids Attend Adventist WholeHealth’s Health Fair

Story by Tamyra Horst
Published 2/20/13

Kids learn how to care for their teeth.

More than 75 kids recently attended Adventist WholeHealth Network’s (AWHN) free health fair held at the Olivet Boys and Girls Club in Reading, Pa. Many community organizations, including Latinos for Healthy Communities, the Council on Chemical Abuse, AmeriHealth Mercy, Saint Joseph Medical Center and the Visiting Nurse Service of Berks County participated in the event.

Alysha Hollingshead, AWHN parish nurse, organized the event with support from Ben Parish, AWHN community health educator. “The goal of the health fair was to get the children to start thinking about their health: eating healthy foods, oral hygiene, proper hand washing, abstaining from harmful substances, being kind to one another and engaging in physical activity while sharing God’s love,” Hollingshead says.

The evening featured many seminars and fun activities. Elmer Cupino, MD, a child psychiatrist and member of Pennsylvania Conference’s Hamburg church, conducted a 20-minute session on bullying for children 12 and up. Dentist Brian Nase, a member of the Walnurport church, donated toothbrushes and toothpaste, while two dental hygienist students taught the children how to brush their teeth properly. Teens learned easy recipes from local chef Guirlene Marc while the Pennsylvania Health Department demonstrated the differences in healthy and non-healthy lungs with inflatable pig lungs. One nine-year-old girl excitedly showed Cheryl Goff, AWHN administrator, a pamphlet on quitting smoking and said, “I am taking this home so my mommy can quit smoking. I’m tired of breathing her smoke.”

AWHN and the Olivet Boys and Girls Club of Reading and Berks County sponsored the event. The director of the boys and girls club has already asked AWHN to plan another event for their community.

Ben Parish, Adventist WholeHealth Network’s community health educator, takes a little boy’s blood pressure during a kids health fair.


Guirlene Marc shows teens some easy and healthy recipes.

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