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Pathfinder, Adventurer Coordinators Learn About “Servant Leadership”

Story by Glen Milam; Photos by Charlie Koerting
Published 3/5/2013

Small groups pray together to kickoff the weekend.

More than 100 Adventurer and Pathfinder coordinators gathered last month at the Mount Aetna Retreat Center in Hagerstown, Md., for their first combined retreat in over a decade. The theme of the weekend was “Servant Leadership,” with a specific focus on how volunteer area coordinators could support the ministry of local clubs by mentoring staff and praying for their ministries.
Breakout and informational sessions included looking at new policy issues in the two ministries, the Shield the Vulnerable background check and training service and guidelines for developing new awards and honors.
All eight conferences of the Columbia Union sent participants. On Sabbath morning, each team took about 10 minutes to introduce their team in attendance and share information on unique programs they provide for the clubs in their conference. They also shared an outline of their organization structure and operating philosophy.
At the afternoon Sabbath service, Ron Whitehead, director of the Center for Youth Evangelism at Andrews University (Mich.) and shared faith lessons from the book of Daniel.
“It was an awesome networking experience,” said Pam Scheib, Pennsylvania Conference’s Pathfinder coordinator. “To meet our fellow coordinators in the Columbia Union and hear what they do in their conferences was enlightening. To know they have similar struggles and joys was comforting—we know we're not alone!”
“I enjoyed sharing the diversity of the various approaches to these ministries in the different conferences in the Columbia Union,” said Charlie Koerting, a Chesapeake Conference area coordinator. “I came away with a clearer understanding of how unity in mission does not necessarily mean absolute uniformity in the approaches used.”
During a the closing Q-&-A-session, group members expressed a great desire to return in three years for a full training weekend for coordinators. Conferences typically hold annual training events for local staff where the coordinators do most of the teaching, so they look forward to opportunities to learn from others.

Glen Milam, the North American Division’s Pathfinder coordinator and the retreat coordinator, leads the Sabbath morning program.


More than 100 coordinators from around the Columbia Union attended the retreat.


Pastor Ron Whitehead, director for the Center for Youth Evangelism, shares information on the 2014 “Forever Faithful” Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, Wis.

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Linda Renfroe
2013-03-10 11:49 AM

What a refreshing story!!  I became a Pathfinder Coordinator several years ago and the only training and support I received was from my fellow coordinators.  We have talked about a union leadership event in the past.  I pray your event will be the beginning of a trend for us all.