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Sligo Member Releases Life is Good … the Best is Yet to Come

Story by Beth Michaels
Published 3/19/2013

William G. Johnsson, best known for his many years as editor of the Adventist Review, is making his voice heard—again. This long-time member of Potomac Conference’s Sligo church in Takoma Park, Md., says he wrote his new book, Life is Good … the Best is Yet to Come “for everyone who is struggling with the issues of belief and doubt in these times, both Adventists and non-Adventists,” he explains.
Below he shares more about what to expect in this book about the afterlife:
Q: What would you say is the strongest evidence you share that there is an afterlife (heaven)?
A: Because I hope to engage nonbelievers, I did not build the case for belief on a traditional biblical basis. However, for me the strongest argument stems from Jesus, not just from what the Bible says, but from the five facts of history that I lay out. 
Q: Is there anything surprising in the book?
A: The book was a personal journey of exploration. I wrestled with the issues for months. A close friend, also a writer, wrote that it's the most personal and moving of all my writing. (I have written about 25 books and 1,000-plus articles!)
Order copies at adventistbookcenter.com.

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