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Potomac Conference Officially Launches First Multisite Campus

Story by Tiffany Doss
Published 4/2/13

The praise team at Community Praise Center-Dulles lift God up in song.

As Christian churches across the globe celebrated Jesus’ resurrection and a new beginning for sinners this past Easter weekend, the two campuses of a Potomac Conference church embarked on an uncharted, but exciting journey.
Pastor Jennifer Deans and her team officially opened the campus doors of Community Praise Center-Dulles (CPC-Dulles), March 30. Since September Deans and her team have worked to maximize live-streaming services and other necessities that will allow this Dulles, Va., plant to function as one church with the Community Praise Center in Alexandria, Va., which has over 1,200 regular attendees as well as a large online audience.
With a dense population in the Dulles area, yet no Seventh-day Adventist churches within 35 miles, Henry Wright, Dean Waterman and Jennifer Deans, all pastors of CPC, brainstormed ways to reach that community.

“Our hope is that so many people in this area will have experienced Jesus and know our name that we can be like a church Paul talked about,” Deans says. “A church that had a reputation that preceded itself, impacting the community so much that they told Paul about the church, not the other way around. We are here to listen to the needs of this community. We have creative license to create a worship service and environment that meets those specific needs while still being connected to a solid church that is backing us. I believe God has great things planned. I'm excited to watch as He opens doors.”

Deans believes so strongly in this mission that she’s confident there will be a need for a third CPC site by the end of 2013.
“Some of the biggest churches in the world function with multisite campuses,” says John Cress, Potomac’s vice president for pastoral ministries. “The idea is to plant the DNA of a healthy church in [one] area and watch another health church grow out of that. This can make church planting a smoother process as the new site has the example of the mother church to follow.”
Before the launch, CPC-Dulles experienced a slow and steady growth, starting with 30 and having more than 150 people at the launch. Thirty-six guests filled out a communication card geared toward first-time attendees. “This means we have 36 solid member prospects that we have already contacted with an email that shared our excitement in meeting them,” said Deans. “By the end of this week, they will also receive a letter in the mail and a Panera gift card.”
To learn more about this new multisite, visit

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Mr & Mrs Gilbert Bohannon Sr
2013-04-03 7:27 PM

If we were to visit that area looking for a Seventh Day Adventist Church I would not know that Community Praise Center - Dulles or the one in Alexandra had anything to do with the Adventist Church. There used to be a SDA Church in Alexandria Va. We guss the denomination no longer use the SDA name. Looks like  the SDA Church no longer is proud of there name and there are a lot of SDA Church's that no longer use the name. We belive to much of the World has come into our church. Times have Changed.

God Bless