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Olney Prep Gets $1.55 Million for New Building

Story by Potomac Conference Staff
Published 5/1/13

Olney Adventist Preparatory School students are excited for the educational opportunities the new facility will offer them and are ready to get to work!

Staff members at Potomac Conference’s Olney Adventist Preparatory School in Olney, Md., say they’ve witnessed God’s will in action recently. The school, which has been operating out of the Olney (Md.) church and temporary buildings since it opened nearly 15 years ago, spent years searching for property on which to construct a permanent facility. The board and administration recently felt that God, instead, was leading them to build on their current property. The school began prayerfully considering how a small school and church could financially build in one of the most expensive areas of the country.
God was already working behind-the-scenes laying the groundwork for a partner to aid in the building process and funding. The Commonweal Foundation, a foundation, which operates and supports educational programs and projects assisting underserved children and youth, recently granted $1.55 million toward the project and is also providing them with project managers. The Potomac Conference also donated $250,000 to help with the new building.
“Our community knows God is not stopping here,” says Jami Walker, principal. “Prayer warriors from around the conference have joined the Olney community in praying over permits and the building process as a whole. With God’s leadership, the future of Olney Prep remains bright!”
They continue to raise additional funds for the new building and future of the school. Olney Prep students consistently place in the top 5 percent on standardized test scores nationally. Learn more about the school at

Jami Walker, Olney prep principal says, “With God’s leadership, the future of Olney Prep remains bright!”

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Pastor Nathan L. Krause
2013-05-02 4:04 AM

Good article.  Nice picture of students in hard hats.

Best line: "With God’s leadership, the future of Olney Prep remains bright!"

Jami, for some reason people always want to add an "e" to your name. :)

Visitor Staff
2013-05-02 10:34 AM

Thanks for catching our error Pastor Krause. We've corrected the spelling of Jami's name.