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24 WAU Students End School Year With Baptisms

Story by Grace Virtue; Photos by Ralph Vieux and Randolph Robin
Published 5/1/2013

Baraka Muganda, Washington Adventist University’s vice president for Ministry, gets ready to baptize Edson Depina, a graduating senior majoring in business marketing.

Spiritual activities at Washington Adventist University ended on a high note this year with the baptism of 24 students last Sabbath. The baptisms were the outcome of a revival week that the Office of Ministry held from March 31 to April 6.

“The baptisms were the crowning of our spiritual activities this year,” said Baraka Muganda, vice president for Ministry. “Washington Adventist University is not only impacting the academic lives of our students; we are transforming their spiritual lives as well.”

Freshman biology major Jibrill Morris, one of the new converts, said baptism was the most important commitment of his life. “I have never fully committed myself to anyone or anything. I felt like I was living my life on a halfway mark, and I wanted to change that and be all I can for Jesus,” he said.

Whitney Syriaque, a junior psychology major, said she made the commitment in order to leave the past behind and focus on what is ahead. “I am cleansed by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and that will be the only past that I will remember,” she said. 

Jordhon Horelien, a sophomore communication major, said of his decision for baptism, “I wanted my relationship with God to be stronger. I believe that God has a calling on my life and I shouldn't waste time chasing worldly things.”

Regina Johnson, chaplain for Ministry, could not be happier.

“April 27th was one of the best days of my life! I had the opportunity to witness God’s Hand move on 24 students.  The baptisms were the beginning of what God wants to do with Washington Adventist University.” 

The baptisms, which took place at the campus’ Sligo church, was followed by a fellowship picnic on the WAU Commons. The next revival week will be held during spring 2014.

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Janette Neufville
2013-05-01 6:19 PM

This is such a thrilling story!  A campus historian (who has been on campus for about 30 years?) said we have never seen anything like this on campus, in her memory.  Congratulations to the young people for taking this stand, and many thanks to the campus ministry leaders who worked tirelessly with God's blessings to make this happen.

2013-05-02 11:31 AM

Amazing! So proud of these students and WAU!