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New Jersey’s Lake Nelson Church Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Story by Bianca Morales; Photos by Jim Greene
Published 5/29/13

The Lake Nelson Youth choir minister through music.

Two Sabbaths ago, more than 400 people filled New Jersey Conference’s Lake Nelson church in Piscataway for its 30th anniversary. To prepare for this special homecoming event, members mailed hundreds of invitations to former church members as well as individuals in the surrounding communities who requested Bible studies or literature from Seventh-day Adventist media centers in recent months. In addition, Pathfinders distributed more than a thousand postcards to homes in the neighborhood while the Adventurers shared fliers with attendees at a local street fair.

Piscataway Mayor Brian Wahler thanked the congregation for being a beacon of light in the community for 30 years; and Pastor Jim Greene, the conference’s executive secretary, offered words of recognition.

Even though they are currently without a pastor, Lake Nelson members are very committed to continuing to fulfill the Great Commission. Lonnie Melashenko, former director/speaker for the Voice of Prophecy radio program and Columbia Union revivalist, served as the guest speaker. Melashenko shared that God loves misfits and can transform them by His grace. His inspirational messages, taken from Isaiah 55:8, “’For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord” motivated both young and old to prayerfully “think outside the box” as they prepare for the NY13 Revelation of Hope evangelistic efforts and reach more souls for Christ.

Members of this diverse community share one thing in common: their love for Christ and their love for one another. “I’ve attended Lake Nelson for 20 years and can honestly say that I absolutely love the diversity of the congregation and the sense of community,” shared Andrea Sestak, a church member. “It was wonderful to see familiar faces as well as meet new people at the 30th-anniversary weekend. There are so many ways to make a difference and have an impact on our friends and neighbors in Piscataway; I am energized about what we can accomplish in the next 30 years with God’s help.”

Piscataway Mayor Brian Wahler addresses the Lake Nelson congregation.


Pastor Lonnie Melashenko encourages members to think outside the box


Church elders sing along with Lonnie Melashenko (fourth) and Pastor Mario Thorp (fifth).

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