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Grandview Medical Center Gets a Makeover

Story by Christina Keresoma
Published 6/19/13

Kettering Adventist HealthCare administrators and medical staff celebrate the grand reopening of Grandview Medical Center at the official ribbon-cutting ceremony.

With construction and remodeling complete, administrators, staff and patients at the Grandview Medical Center in downtown Dayton, Ohio, are enjoying the benefits of the hospital completing its first major construction project in 29 years. Grandview, one of seven hospitals in the Kettering Adventist HealthCare (KAHC) network, took on the two-year project primarily to improve the patient experience. Hospital personnel say they believe they exceeded their goals.
The inpatient surgery unit is now closer to the pre- and post-care units, which makes the transportation of patients easier, shorter and less stressful. The dining area is larger and now located just off the lobby, giving visitors easier access to a bite to eat while waiting for loved ones. The expanded dining area not only allows for more variety of foods to be served, but also new dining options. There is a new, wall-length window that looks out to a garden patio area, giving visitors options for their dining experience.
The lobby also includes a sculptured feature called “the creation wall,” which now appears in three of KAHC’s seven hospital facilities. According to staff, the sculpture showcases God’s handiwork that surrounds humans each day but has become a shadow of His original creation due to man’s fall. Network administrators believe it is important to share their Christian faith and beliefs with everyone who visits their facilities.
Staff designed the newly renovated chapel to offer calm and peace to individuals who visit to sit and reflect on the day’s outcomes. They explained that they felt it important for patients and family members to have a place to spend time contemplating or coping with difficult events and circumstances.

“We are thrilled to have an easily accessible main entrance and beautiful lobby to welcome our incoming patients,” says Dave Seidel, vice president of clinical and support services. “The new signage and location of the information desk also helps patients and visitors find their way in a timely manner. Patients have been informing us of their positive first impressions to all the changes that have been made.”
During the morning of the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony, medical staff, employees, elected officials and numerous visitors crowded the lobby to admire the changes. According to Seidel, the new atmosphere—with creative design, a multitude of colors and better natural flow—has brought a sense of pride to all who work at Grandview.

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