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Review Celebrates 30 Years Since Move

Story by Kim Peckham
Published 7/30/13

Review and Herald retirees Frank and Anita Jacobs arrive at a homecoming event celebrating 30 years since the publishing house moved to Hagerstown.

“God changes lives through the power of literature,” Ted N.C. Wilson, General Conference president, told a large group of Review and Herald Publishing Association current and former employees who gathered in Hagerstown to mark the anniversary of the association’s move from Washington, D.C.
Thirty years ago, the Review and Herald constructed a state-of-the-art printing and office facility near the intersection of highways 70 and 81. “We built this place to finish the work,” said Harold “Bud” Otis, Jr., president of the organization at the time of the move. The plant’s old location in the city made expansion impossible. A high cost of living also made it hard to attract the young families that the publisher wanted to recruit.
The General Conference headquarters, which had been located across the street from the press, moved to the suburbs six years later. “The Review was the first official organization of the church—organized before the General Conference—so it was up to us to lead the way,” says Otis with a smile.
The Review and Herald moved all manufacturing equipment and about 400 employees without losing a single day of production. Weekly magazines such as Guide, Insight and the Adventist Review continued to flow to churches and homes without interruption.
The new plant, which won an award for industrial design, provided for an efficient workflow. A railroad spur allows boxcars full of paper to roll up to the back door. Currently the plant prints millions of copies of Steps to Christ and The Great Controversy as well as shorter runs of other books and magazines.
Special guests at the July 20 event included Bill Knott, editor of the Adventist Review and Adventist World. Currently the publishing house prints a total of 1.1 million copies of the Adventist World every month in three languages. Jim Nix, director of the Ellen G. White Estate, spoke in the afternoon about God’s providential hand in establishing the church’s publishing work.
Individual employees gave testimonies of how God led in their lives personally and in the work of the press. At the end of the day, attendees rededicated themselves to service. Wilson expressed the hope that Jesus would return before there was a need for any more anniversary celebrations. He urged the staff to use “every kind of innovative way to draw people’s attention to Christ’s soon coming.”

Ted N.C. Wilson, General Conference president, addresses attendees at the Review and Herald anniversary celebration.


Byron Steele, Bill Kirstein, Bryan Gray, and Daniel Anez represent three generations of designers who worked on Adventist Review magazine.


Editor and publisher of both the Adventist Review and the Adventist World talks about the relationship between the church’s oldest organization and it’s first magazine.

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