Women's Ministries

How We Serve

As women become actively involved in ministry, the entire church is blessed.  It is our purpose therefore to encourage, equip, promote, and challenge Adventist women in their journey as disciples of Jesus Christ and to bring women's unique perspectives to the issues facing the Church.  For more information go to www.nadwm.org.

Columbia Union Women's Ministries Coordinator

Shirley Benton, Columbia Union Women's Ministries Coordinator
Office: (614) 252-5271
Email: srbenton2@aol.com

Local Conference Directors

Cynthia Poole, Allegheny East Conference
Office: (610) 326-4610  ext 311
Email: cpoole@myalleghenyeast.com
Shirley Benton, Allegheny West Conference
Office: (614) 252-5271
Email: srbenton2@aol.com
Samantha Young, Chesapeake Conference
Office: (410) 995-1910
Email: syoung@ccosda.org
Valerie Morikone, Mountain View Conference
Office: (304) 422-4581
Email: sonrise_mvc@yahoo.com
Amalia Aquero, New Jersey Conference
Office: (609) 392-7131
Email:  aaguero@njcsda.org
Heidi Shoemaker, Ohio Conference
Office: (740) 397-4665
Email:  hshoemaker@ohioadventist.org
Susan Bell, Northern Ohio Associate, Ohio Conference
Office: (440) 968-3105
Email: sj.bell@hotmail.com
Tamyra Horst, Pennsylvania Conference
Office: (610) 374-8331
Email: thorst@paconference.org
Vacant, Potomac Conference