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Documentary Filmmaker Talks about The ADVENTISTS 2

Interview by V. Michelle Bernard
Published 8/28/2013

Documentary filmmaker Martin Doblmeier, the man behind three films focused on Seventh-day Adventists, recently talked with the Visitor staff about his newest film, The ADVENTISTS 2.
The film tells the story of how Adventists trailblazers are combining their faith and commitment to medical missions around the world.
The film will air on various Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) stations this fall, but you can see it first at Potomac Conference’s Sligo church on October 5 at 7 p.m. at 7700 Carroll Avenue in Takoma Park, Md. (Get event details here.)
Q: What is the main story you want to tell through The ADVENTISTS 2?
A: I think one of the startling facts we bring out in the film is [that] there are as many as 1. 2 billion people around the world who have little or no access to health care.
We should all be embarrassed by that number and honor organizations like the
Seventh-day Adventists who are actually trying to do something about it. And what is most revealing is that Adventists have had this commitment to medical missions for more than a century—bringing their health message to the far reaches of the Earth where it is needed most. To me this is the most noble side of our human nature—caring for others who are very different from ourselves.
Q: This is your second documentary about Adventists and their health programs. What makes Adventists and their mission so unique that you (and PBS) want to feature them again?
A: In the first film—The ADVENTISTS—I wanted to introduce the audience to this unique faith group who are some of the most healthy people on the planet. But their good health is not arbitrary--it stems from a core belief that the body is the temple of God and needs to be cared for. That is the motivating reason why Adventists live on average seven to 10 years longer than others. But that idea also extends to the stranger and so the second film, the story of how Adventists bring that health message to the ends of the Earth, is really a logical extension of the first film.
Q: One of our Columbia Union Conference organizations, Kettering Adventist HealthCare, is featured in this film—what do you feel makes them different from similar organizations?
A: The last story in The ADVENTISTS 2 profiles a group of doctors, nurses and health care professionals who volunteer their time and talents to go for a week to the developing world and perform medical procedures that otherwise would not be possible. Many of those volunteers are Adventists who work for Kettering Adventist HealthCare.   
The team leader, Dr. Steve Schmidt and his mother, Mafi Schmidt and brother, Gary, are wonderful examples of recognizing the gift of healing and sharing it with others. It is a big commitment on the part of the volunteers each year but it makes a profound difference in the lives of hundreds of people they help heal.

To watch the official trailer of The ADVENTISTS 2 on YouTube, click here.

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