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January 2016




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5427 Twin Knolls Road
Columbia, MD  21045
Tel: (410) 997-3414
Tel: (301) 596-0800

Office Hours:
Mon - Thur, 8 am - 5:30 pm
Fridays Closed

How We Serve

The Office of Education, directed by Hamlet Canosa, EdD., vice president for Education, functions to serve diverse needs of the K-16 education system of Columbia Union. Providing mission-driven, strategic consultations in program development; personnel; school accreditation; teacher certification; in addition to formulating system policies are among a host of services rendered to local conferences that comprise the Columbia Union. The Office of Education is wholly committed to advance the cause of Seventh-day Adventist education throughout our field.

Teacher Certification

Columbia Union teachers obtain North American Division certification through the Columbia Union Office of Education (CUOE). It is the teacher’s responsibility to obtain and maintain appropriate certification and endorsements. The Office of Education provides financial and strategic support for full-time educators seeking masters' degrees and certification renewal; and consistently seeks to ensure the professionalism of all educational personnel.
Newly hired teachers, teachers seeking employment in the Columbia Union, or certificated teachers transferring from other unions, should complete and send to the CUOE the information on the New Teacher/New Graduate Certification Information Form (below). New graduates and teachers not currently holding denominational certification will need to request that official transcripts be sent directly to CUOE from the colleges/universities.
Courses taken to renew certification, obtain endorsements, and/or correct deficiencies also require that official transcripts be sent directly to the CUOE. Professional Growth activities can be recorded on the Evaluation of Professional Growth Activity form (below).

Columbia Union Certification Officer:  Donovan Ross
Columbia Union Certification Registrar: Christine Greene
                Phone:  410-997-3414 or 301-596-0800
                FAX:      301-596-6758
                Mail:       5427 Twin Knolls Road
                                Columbia MD 21045