2008 News Archives

December 17, 2008--New Church Plant in Bowie Flourishes

December 17, 2008--Chesapeake Members Join Hands to Help Hurricane Victims

December 17, 2008-- Adventist Community Services Helps New Jersey Prepare for Emergencies

December 8, 2008--Kettering Medical Center President Assumes New Role

December 3, 2008--Adventists Join Community Leaders In Supporting Pedestrian Safety

December 3, 2008--Adventist HealthCare Announces New Maryland Hospital

December 3, 2008--21 Visit Brazil for Short Term Mission

December 1, 2008--Church of the Oranges Wins “Best of Orange” Award

December 1, 2008--Potomac ABC Hosts First Health Fair

November 18, 2008--Spencerville Church Hosts Festival of Religious Freedom

November 17, 2008--92-Year-Old Kettering Member Makes Friends Through CHIP

November 14, 2008--Adventists From Secular Universities Get Encouraged at ANEW

November 12, 2008--Metropolitan Church Unites Revelation and Health

November 10, 2008--Newark Church Co-Sponsors Community Health Fair

November 5, 2008--Toledo First Church Hosts Ninth Annual Ring Fest

November 4, 2008--Brooke Grove Retirement Village Leads During Memory Walk

October 29, 2008--Adventists Urge Marylanders to Vote “No” to Gambling

October 27, 2008--Adventist HealthCare Builds Foundations for Healthy Communities

October 22, 2008--Chesapeake Announces New Treasurer

October 22, 2008--Adventist HealthCare Helps Lead New “Take a Shot” Campaign

October 21, 2008--Former Columbia Union President, Wallace Coe, Passes Away

October 20, 2008--Church “Innovation” Grows, Attracts International Attendees

October 15, 2008--Union Men are Transformed at Maryland Conference

October 14, 2008--Sligo Hosts International Domestic Violence Conference

October 13, 2008--Union Office Hosts PARL Meeting

October 8, 2008--White Coat Veterans Gather for 35th Anniversary Celebration

October 8, 2008--Washington Adventist Hospital Explores Spirituality and Medicine

October 7, 2008--Review and Herald Hosts 10th Annual Vibrant Life Fun Run

October 1, 2008--Allegheny East Delegates Re-Elect Incumbent Leaders

September 29, 2008--ACS Summit Equips Leaders, Volunteers for Service

September 24, 2008--Potomac Evangelists Host Meetings in El Salvador

September 23, 2008--Washington Adventist Hospital's Takoma Park Facility Gets New Focus

September 22, 2008--Chesapeake Member Becomes New “Voice” for VOP

September 17, 2008--Potomac Vice President Accepts Call to Georgia Cumberland

September 17, 2008--Youth Leaders Convene for Training and Fellowship

September 16, 2008--ADRA President Speaks at United Nations Roundtable Forum

September 9, 2008--Fire Damages Ohio's Spring Valley Academy

September 9, 2008--Shady Grove Gets “Top 100 Hospitals” Rating, Cancer Treatment Designa

September 4, 2008--20 Ways to Get Your Church Thinking Green, Going Green

August 28, 2008--Ohio's Stillwater Youth Get Rare Chance to Help Neglected Children

August 27, 2008--Washington-Spencerville Korean Young People Teach English Overseas

August 26, 2008--ASI Collects Record $8 Million Offering at Convention

August 15, 2008--Chesapeake Conference Treasurer Moves to ASI

August 14, 2008--Baltimore First Church Rises From the Ashes

August 12, 2008--Fredrick Russell Named President of Allegheny West Conference

August 6, 2008--Family Celebration Sabbath held at Adventist Theological Seminary

August 5, 2008--Bikers Visit Vacation Bible School

July 31, 2008--Nearly 300 Adventist HealthCare Physicians Included in Magazine Top List

July 30, 2008--Beltsville Holds Vacation Bible School for the Community

July 30, 2008--Columbia Union Educators Reach Other Denominations

July 22, 2008--Ohio Church Joins Prayer at the Pump Movement

July 10, 2008--News From Adventist HealthCare

July 9, 2008--Concert Raises Funds for Myanmar, China Disaster Survivors

June 24, 2008--Camp Meeting Recap

June 19, 2008--Ben Carson Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

June 10, 2008--ACS Leaders Gather for Summit

June 10, 2008--Columbia Union College Appoints Provost

May 29, 2008--Adventist HealthCare Awarded Avon Foundation

May 21, 2008--First Serenity Conference United Sisters Across the Union

May 19, 2008--3,500 Commemorate Great Controversy Vision

May 13, 2008--Baltimore Youth Join Millions for 20th Global Youth Service Day

May 13, 2008--New Life Member Gets County Recognition, Promotes Prayer for Gas Prices

May 12, 2008--New Partnership Expands Hospital's Services

May 7, 2008--Union Musicians Awarded at Guild Ceremony

May 1, 2008--Baltimore Adventist Youth Receive Governor's Volunteer Service Award

April 28, 2008--Union Pathfinders Place in Division-Wide Bible Achievement

April 22, 2008--Adventist School Damaged by Tornado

April 22, 2008--Adventist HealthCare CFO Joins National Board

April 21, 2008--Youth Compete in Union-wide Bible Bowl

April 9, 2008--Richmond Evangelistic Center Dedicated

April 2, 2008--Congressional Medal Society Honors New Life Member for Bone Marrow

March 26, 2008--Pennsylvanian Adventists Support Smoke-Free Legislation

March 17, 2008--Kettering College Announces New Dean for Academic Affairs

March 11, 2008--Spring Meeting Highlights

March 10, 2008--Pennsylvania “Equips” Members to Reach Their Communities

March 4, 2008--Chesapeake Pathfinders Race for Derby Prize

February 27, 2008--Adventist Leads State Workforce Creation Summit

February 26, 2008--Conference Disaster Response Leaders Unite, Train

February 25, 2008--Potomac Hispanic Youth Rally Around Joel 2:28

February 20, 2008--Education Leaders Gather for Spring Meetings

February 13, 2008--Pennsylvania Youth Ministries Teach “Jesus 360°”

February 13, 2008--Praising God and Raising Funds at WGTS Sharathon

February 11, 2008--Cherry Hill Church Hosts Tri-Conference Training Exercise

February 6, 2008--Kettering College Dedicates Nursing Center

January 23, 2008--Southeast Member Elected to National Governmental Board

January 16, 2008--Temple Emmanuel Member Gets Award for Special Military Service

January 7, 2008--PFA, BMA Unite in First Joint Worship