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The Office of Education is pleased to provide this video clips page of student groups, schools, educators, presentations, and other important events that enlighten and/or heighten awareness of experiences important to education. Our students and educators are consistently engaged in activities that enrich not only their lives but others with whom they come in contact. We invite you to visit this page often and to visit the Education photo blog accessed on the drop down menu of Education.

 Archives 2010--Education Blog Videos

We Just Came to Praise the Lord – Listen to Potomac pastors and teachers singing, “I’ve Just Come to Praise the Lord,” in renditions: Spanish and English. The song was very appropriate to the occasion as attendees clearly felt the presence of the Lord where all PO workers were gathered to praise His name and thank the Lord for the opportunity to partner in ministry. (Williamsburg Marriott; Williamsburg, VA; October 11, 2010)  WATCH VIDEO 
Spencerville Adventist Academy Ringers Perform  - Take a moment to enjoy this delightful presentation provided by students of SAA to members of the Columbia Union K-16 Board of Education on Tuesday, March 16, 2010. Directed by Ms. Jane Lanning, the bell choir’s talents will “make your day” as it did for CUBOE members. It’s a joy to witness the talents of Adventist students! (N. Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; March 16, 2010)  WATCH VIDEO