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Through photo, commentary and leadership materials, Ed Motschiedler provides an inside look at what he does, where he travels, and who he meets along the way.
On April 26, I attended the Allegheny East Conference Committee meeting and represented the Columbia Union at the groundbreaking for the new conference office building. The old conference office building was a farm house and served as the conference office from the founding of the conference in 1945. Since then Pine Forge Academy and the conference camp meeting sight have been developed on the old farm land. The conference membership has grown dramatically since 1945 and a new larger modern office complex is essential for serving the constituency.

Charles Cheatham, President of the Allegheny Conference making remarks at the ground breaking for the new conference office building.

Pathfinders post the colors at the ground breaking.

The old farm house that has served the conference since 1945.

The conference executive committee studies the year end financial review, a summary of the conference finances for the year 2008. The conference had a successful year and continues to have strong financial reserves.

The architect, township officials, and the conference officers break ground for the new building.

On February 7, I presented a workshop for the elders of the eastern shore of Maryland at the Denton Delaware Church. The workshop entitled “The thou shalts and shalt nots of church leadership” was repeated on March 14 for the elders in the Baltimore-Washington area. Attending from the conference office were Elder Rob Vandeman, president and Elder John Appel, conference ministerial director.

Each elder was given a copy of the Elder's Handbook.

Elders listen to the presentation at the workshop.

Elder Rob Vandeman speaking to the elders.

I am making a presentation to the elders.