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The Office of Education is pleased to provide this video clips page of student groups, schools, educators, presentations, and other important events that enlighten and/or heighten awareness of experiences important to education. Our students and educators are consistently engaged in activities that enrich not only their lives but others with whom they come in contact. We invite you to visit this page often and to visit the Education photo blog accessed on the drop down menu of Education.

Education Blog Videos
Archives 2008

FLEC Strings Plays Baroque - At the recently concluded NADCC meetings, the strings orchestra of Forest Lake Elementary Education Center (Grs. 6-8), under the direction of Chip Everts played part of “Gloria” (Vivaldi). This video clip provides 2.5 minutes of delightful strings music that fit wonderfully into the joy of the season. Listen and enjoy. (NADCC/NADEA; Daytona Beach, FL; December 4, 2008)  WATCH VIDEO

NADCC Members Sabbath School Chorus - NADCC December meetings almost always involve a Sabbath celebration, including a well-planned Sabbath School. This video/audio clip is of NADCC members singing a stanza of “Hark the Herald Angel Sings,” - a sound for the season. Leading the chorus (left) are union directors Kelly Bock (Pacific), Conrad Gill (Southern) Lanny Hurlbert (North Pacific) and Keith Waters (North Pacific - Associate). NADCC Sabbath Schools are always an enjoyable experience. (NADCC; Daytona Beach, FL; December 6, 2008)  WATCH VIDEO

Madison Campus Church - While in TN, I had the joyful experience of worshiping with members of the Madison Campus Church in Nashville. Several members of my family attend the church and it is where we worship on Sabbaths when my wife and I visit our grandchildren. On this clip you’ll hear some of the special music provided to parishioners just prior to the hour of divine worship on Sabbath, November 22, 2008.  WATCH VIDEO

Baby Ethan Arrives - Shown in this video clip is Dr. Canosa’s newest grandson, Ethan. His unexpectedly premature birth caused the VP for Education to miss the recent CU K-16 Board of Education meeting (November 18, 2008). Given the number of requests from educational colleagues across the field, this video is provided to give friends a “glimpse” at our newest family treasure, a true blessing from above.  WATCH VIDEO

World War Two Veterans Arrive Home – This video clip was taken at BWI-Thurgood Marshall Airport. Watch and listen as travelers in the terminal warmly greet WW II veterans who were returning home from a Veterans Day celebration in Pennsylvania. For those who fought to preserve the freedom of this nation, this tribute was richly deserved. (November 12, 2008)  WATCH VIDEO

Spencerville Honors Choir Favors NADCOM Members – Sabbath is always a rich spiritual experience at NAD year-end meetings, with powerful messages of mission and worship and fine music. On Sabbath morning, the Honors Choir provided one of the special music selections for NADCOM and this video clip provides just a glimpse of the quality and blessing of their presentation. (General Conference Office; Silver Spring, MD; November 8, 2008)  WATCH VIDEO

Denise Barclay Concert at CUSAC Retreat – Denise Barclay is well known throughout the Columbia Union and beyond as a talented musician/vocalist, having four (4) CDs of blessings in song available commercially. Ms. Barclay was invited to provide an hour-long musical concert at the recent CUSAC retreat (September 23-26). This video clip provides the listener an opportunity to briefly experience just one of many blessings, experienced by CUSAC members during Ms. Barclay’s concert. (Bethany Beach, MD; September 24, 2008)

 Spanish Pastors Sing at Pastor-Teacher Convention – All pastors and teachers of the Potomac Conference recently met in Williamsburg, VA for an opportunity to enjoy fellowship, participate in joint meetings/activities, and to experience spiritual blessings in devotionals of music and the Word. This video clip is of the Spanish pastors of Potomac sharing a message in song at the first joint morning devotional of the Convention. Listen and enjoy! (Williamsburg, VA; October 13, 2008)

Spring Valley Academy - A "Cool School" - Take a minute or two to watch what a local television station in the Spring Valley Academy community did to highlight the great things that were happening at the academy earlier this spring (2008).

Mount Vernon Academy Choir Sings Praises to the Lord - At the recent 150th anniversary celebration of E.G. White’s Great Controversy vision held in Kettering, OH, the MVA Choir was among several that provided special music for the morning church service for young adults. The service was held in the sanctuary of the Kettering SDA Church and was well-attended. Listen and enjoy the rich sound of this group of talented young servants. (Kettering SDA Church; Kettering, OH; May 10, 2008)

Bermuda Institute Steel Drums Band Welcomes NAD Visiting Committee - The BI Steel Drums Band is well known not only to those who attend and support BI but throughout the island. Performing at various Adventist churches and functions throughout the school year, this performance provided to the NAD evaluation team wonderful, rhythmic sounds that made for a very entertaining experience. The band is led by Bill Linthwaite, BI’s band instructor and elementary teacher. Bill has served at BI for a total of 28 years and is much loved and appreciated by students and fellow staff. Listen to and watch the clip. ENJOY!!! (Bermuda Institute; Southampton, Bermuda; April 28, 2008)

“Anointed” Performs for Guests - Lifting up praises to the Lord, these three BI elementary students would have been joined by yet another one of their fellow school mates except for illness. So, one of the BI teachers filled in and gave the group, “Anointed” the opportunity to perform for the Visiting Committee, a performance for which they had diligently practiced. With several solo parts, this song of praise provided such a powerful message and was part of a very warm greeting for the committee on its first night on campus. (Bermuda Institute; Southampton, Bermuda; April 28, 2008)

An Award-Winning Choir “Lifts up Jesus”
- Certainly one of the highlights of the evening was the song of praise to the Master provided by the BI Choir. Fresh from having won the top award in Bermuda’s first national school choir competition, the choir is led by Owen Simons, highly respected and dearly loved choir director. I met Owen for the first time when he served as a member of the NAD evaluation team that visited South Lancaster Academy last year, a visit I was privileged to chair. Take a moment or two and enjoy the rich and animated presentation lifting up the Lord in song. (Bermuda Institute; Southampton, Bermuda; April 28, 2008) 

JNA Children’s Choir - The administration of Columbia Union Conference extended an invitation to the Children’s Choir of John Nevins Andrews School to provide a choral blessing for all in attendance at the Union Executive Committee meeting of November 15, 2007. The choir was part of the program that celebrated the anniversary of the founding of the Columbia Union Conference. Mrs. Nora Ramos, Director, is the music teacher at the school and is dearly loved by her students. Members of the Union Executive Committee were delighted to hear these young voices sing praises to our God.. (N.W. Auditorium; Columbia, MD; November 15, 2007) 

AAF Visits Shenandoah Valley Academy - The administration, faculty, and students of SVA provided a warm, sincere welcome to Dr. Greg Gerard and Dan Tilstra, who were visiting the campus representing the Alumni Awards Foundation Board. The AAF representatives came to SVA to help determine which of two finalist academies would be awarded the 2008 Academy of Excellence Award. SVA is experiencing renewed spirit and growth. No doubt, watching this clip will give you a sense of the enthusiasm of SVA’s students. (Student Center, SVA; New Market, VA; January 21, 2008)

FETC - The Place to Be - Twenty five Columbia Union educators attended the Florida Education Technology Convention (FETC) to further their understanding of how to most effective apply technology to teaching methodologies. This video clip is of Jeff Corwin, of Discovery Channel fame, who was the keynote speaker. His emphasis was on good stewardship of the Earth and its resources, an obligation that all teachers should instill in their students. (Orlando Convention Center; Orlando, FL; January 23, 2008)