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The Office of Education is pleased to provide this video clips page of student groups, schools, educators, presentations, and other important events that enlighten and/or heighten awareness of experiences important to education. Our students and educators are consistently engaged in activities that enrich not only their lives but others with whom they come in contact. We invite you to visit this page often and to visit the Education photo blog accessed on the drop down menu of Education.

 Archives 2009--Education Blog Videos

The MetroSingers Pay Tribute to Elder Westney - Many special moments are recalled by those who worked with Elder Adrian Westney. The tributes given to him at the Metropolitan SDA Church were most fitting. Among the tributes was a stirring rendition of Jesus Paid It All, sung by the Church choir, the MetroSingers. You’ll want to listen to the wonderful message and sound that all who were in attendance thoroughly enjoyed! (Metropolitan SDA Church; Hyattsville, MD; November 19, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO

PFA Choir SINGS! - Students from Pine Forge Academy presented a devotional in music for K-16 Columbia Union Board of Education members. The PFA choir has a national and international reputation for excellence and is highly sought. Listen to the Choir sing “My Soul is Anchored in the Lord!” You’ll thoroughly enjoy what you hear! (Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; November 17, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO

Cadavero Memorial: Amazing Grace - Shirley-Ann Laurencin sings a stirring, wonderful rendition of Amazing Grace at the service that dedicated the gymnasium of the Waldwick SDA School to Sgt. Jonathan Cadavero. You’ll want to listen to this moving piece that lifted heats and contributed in a mighty way to the solemnity and dignity of the service. ENJOY! (Waldwick SDA School Gymnasium; Waldwick, NJ; November 15, 2009) WATCH VIDEO
Ministerio Alabanza Pura - Lift His Name in Song - Recorded at the Potomac Conference Pastor/Teacher Convention, take a moment or two to listen to Pure Praise Ministry and the pastors and teachers of Potomac singing of their joy in Christ. Singing with and listening to Potomac workers was a delight! (Crowne Plaza Convention Hall; Williamsburg, VA; October 13, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO

2009 SALT Song Service - Rousing song services each morning and evening just before major presentations at the 2009 SALT Leadership Conference, brought students closer to the Lord and each other. Student leaders understood the importance of worship in song and seemed determined to make the musical presentations authentic, joyful, and spiritually-focused. Listen in and enjoy! (Camp Blue Ridge - Town Hall; Montebello, VA; September 18, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO 
BMA Special Music at 2009 SALT Conference - Singing of a mighty God and loving Savior, students from Blue Mountain Academy rejoice in song for the Lord’s power and love. Praise songs seem to lift the hearts of young people and focus their attention on their King. Listen to these four students sing of His awesome might and His conquering of the grave. Enjoy! WATCH VIDEO

G. E. Peters Reopens: Music Fills the Air - With joy and excitement filling the air, select members of the school’s steel pan orchestra provided a spirited and wonderful piece enjoyed by all present. The musicians are all current students of G. E. Peters and represent the school and its mission so very well. The performance was in the newly-renamed multi-purpose room, dedicated to Collette Davis, a highly-respected former educator at G. E. Peters now deceased. Listen in and enjoy this segment of their presentation. I am sure you’ll enjoy it. (G. E. Peters School; Hyattsville, MD; August 30, 2009) WATCH VIDEO

Day Care Prizes- Pastors in the Columbia Union were asked to return postcards verifying if their church had a daycare.  Prizes were awarded from a drawing of these postcards that were received. Good luck!! (Columbia Union Conference August, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO

MVC Teachers Sing - Mountain View camp meeting featured an ‘Education Hour” that featured a wide variety of agenda items. Listen in as the MVC teachers prepare for a special music presentation they were to provide in the Education Hour program. The esprit-de-corps among these teachers is exceptional! (Valley Vista Camp; Huttonsville, WV; June 27, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO

Dr. Barry Black: CU Spiritual Leadership Symposium - Chaplain of the United States Senate, Dr. Black gave a stirring challenge to Sabbath symposium attendees. His call to more open hearts, tolerance, and seeking a deeper understanding of and appreciation for all of God’s children was well-received and much appreciated by leaders. You will enjoy listening to this short but focused snippet of Dr. Black’s presentation. Enjoy! (N. Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; May 16, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO

BMA Bel Canto: Alumni Weekend 2009 - BMA Alumni Weekend 2009 was special in so many respects. Each year, members of Bel Canto, current and former members add a special touch to Sabbath services. Directed by Hector Flores, this year’s musical blessing, entitled “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross,” was enjoyed by those who sang it - and those who listened to it. Enjoy some of the rendition as you listen to the harmony of many voices. (BMA Gymnasium; Hamburg, PA; April 25, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO
Children’s Choir Sings - The Children’s Choir of the Madison Campus Church is well known for its children’s talents and their love of music. My family was in attendance to participate in the child dedication of my two grandsons, Kooper Blaine and Ethan Hunt. Shortly after the dedication, the choir sang several songs and as you listen to these youngsters, you’ll have a warm feeling in your heart. (Madison Campus Church; Nashville, TN; March 21, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO
Vineland Students Provide NJBOE Worship - In existence for only a year and with prospects for a growing enrollment, the Vineland SDA School has identified an appealing niche that is attracting students to the school. The music program is vigorously supported by the local pastoral staff, parents, and volunteers. Listen to these wonderful young people play “Trust and Obey” and enjoy! (Chapel, NJ Conference Office; Trenton, NJ; March 20, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO

Crossroads Elementary Students Sing for CUBOE - Listen to and enjoy the wonderful sounds of young voices praising God. As you watch and listen, keep in mind that our investment in Adventist education helps our children to better know their Lord and Savior. Those parents that accompanied the students to CUBOE were visibly proud of their children as well they should be.  (Neal Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; March 10, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO

Powell Presents Basic Elements - Seeking to better equip our educational leaders to be more effective instructional supervisors and evaluators of teachers, Dr. Norm Powell as invited to instruct CU Curriculum Committee members. In this video clip, you will catch a small segment of his presentation regarding the use of video for teacher self-assessment. (Neal Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; February 9, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO

Kido Explains CognitiveGenesis Model - This video clip provides some of Dr. Kido’s preliminary remarks regarding the CognitiveGenesis model employed in the major research initiative across the NAD. Dr. Kido reminded CUSAC members of all elements of the model just before sharing third-year results from across the NAD and CU results specifically. (Neal Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; February 12, 2009) WATCH VIDEO

President Obama: Swearing In Ceremony - Given the historic nature of the swearing in of our 44th President and how many at the NAD Ministerium were very enthused to see this special event, available on large screens in several of meeting rooms, this clip offers yet another opportunity to appreciate the experience. (Hilton Convention Center; Myrtle Beach, SC; January 20, 2009)   WATCH VIDEO

Barna Speaks at the NAD Ministerium - In speaking to shifts in behavior, beliefs and shifting goals among those who identify themselves as born-again Christians, Dr. Barna’s information was very enlightening. Listen in and some of what Barna had to say. (Hilton Convention Center; Myrtle Beach, SC; January 20, 2009)  WATCH VIDEO