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January 2016




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Through photos and commentary, president Dave Weigley provides an inside look at what he does, where he travels, and who he meets along the way.

February, 2009

In mid-February 2009, I traveled to Grahamstown, South Africa for the dedication of the Grahamstown SDA School. This school project has roots here in the Columbia Union. The school is a vision of Elder Ed Motschiedler, former Executive Secretary of the Columbia Union. Elder Motschiedler heard the request for a school in Grahamstown and then had the vision along with local conference leaders to move forward on this project. What a blessing it was to visit this wonderful school!

Grahamstown School
Kids Marching

It was a day for rejoicing and fellowship! Many people attended the dedication of the Grahamstown School. Pastor F. Louw, President of the Southern African Union Conference, as well as Pastor W. Peters, former Education Superintendent, were also there for the special day.

Dave Weigley, Neville Harcombe, F. Louw, W. Peters.
Choir with audience in the background.
As I stood up to the pulpit a young student at the school stood up and began to speak loudly and with great excitement. This went on for a short time. I later learned she had given me a royal welcome.

January 17, 2009

On Sabbath, January 17, 2009, Pastor Dick Thomas of the Middletown Valley SDA Church in the Chesapeake Conference invited me to speak for the dedication of the new church. It was a wonderful day of dedication and fellowship with many in attendance.

Middletown Valley SDA Church Dedication Service--Pastor Dick Thomas
Middletown Valley SDA Church Dedication Service--Ribbon Cutting
Middletown Valley SDA Church Dedication Service--Pulpit