College Constituents Endorse Strategic Plan
By Scott Steward and Celeste Ryan Blyden

More than 150 delegates from around the Columbia Union attended the quinquennial constituency session of Columbia Union College (CUC) at Sligo church in Takoma Park, Md, last week. They readily endorsed the Board of Trustees’ October 18 decision to continue implementing its strategic plan, retaining the school as a liberal arts college near the nation’s capital under the auspices of the Columbia Union Conference. Much of the day focused on president Randal Wisbey's report, a report from academic administration, financial reports, and adjusting the size of the board and constituency. During lunchtime, delegates gathered in small groups to talk about what they liked and disliked about CUC and to brainstorm ideas for the future. These ideas will be shared with the newly elected board of trustees, which will meet early in 2007 to elect the college president, vice president for administration, and vice president for finance. To read more about this session and CUC, visit