Office of Education: Serving You
by Hamlet Canosa

The Office of Education is committed to periodically updating you on its work and service to the field and invites you to visit this blog regularly.

Dr. Liu Shares Her Testimony – Dr. Rebekah Liu, one of so very few Adventist pastors in mainland China gave a stirring personal testimony of her calling to pastoral ministry to those gathered for the Columbia Union Executive Committee meeting.  She also provided a brief history of the growth of the Adventist Church in China.  Dr. Liu is an ordained pastor, married to an ordained pastor, and seeking assistance to help expand the work of the Church throughout her homeland.  (Neal Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; November 17, 2011)

Union Executive Committee Begins Charting Priorities – Elder Dave Weigley, president of the Columbia Union, provided CU Executive Committee members an opportunity to contribute to identifying the core values that will guide the union through the new quinquennium.  Identifying values is the first step that will ultimately lead the CU administration and committee to identifying key priorities for the next five year effort to advance the Lord’s work in our field.  Stayed tuned for more information is to come!  (Neal Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; November 17, 2011)


WAU President Outlines Campus Master Plan – Dr. Weymouth Spence, President of Washington Adventist University not only reported the highest enrollment in the history of the college/university, but also provided to members of the university board an overview of the plan going forward to strengthen the university.  The plan includes expanding enrollment, adding programs, new buildings, and focusing efforts on research.  The plan is bold, challenging to trustees to “get on board.”  Dr. Spence also spoke of existing institutional challenges and what must be done to address them.  (Neal Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; November 16, 2011)  

Columbia Union Board of Education Meets – Meeting for the first time in this new quinquennium, members of the board received reports, re:  Kettering College, WAU, and the current state of ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care)-Grade 12 Education.  Among the actions taken by the board include an extensive review and approval of proposed changes to the Union Education Code; approval of overseas travel requests, ECEC guidelines, board nomenclature change, adoption of a revised marketing standard for school evaluations, etc.  This meeting was the first for a number of new members and our new board chairman, Elder Rob Vandeman.  (Neal Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; November 15, 2011)

BMA’s Bel Canto Performs – Thirty-three strong, members of the choral group, Bel Canto from Blue Mountain Academy, provided the devotional for the board of education meeting.  Singing five songs, Bel Canto delighted all present, including office workers and parents who came to listen to the performance.  Bel Canto has a rich history of performance that extends over many decades and is one of the finest high school choral groups in our union.  (Neal Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; November 15, 2011)

Presidents Council – Elder Dave Weigley, Union President, presided over the CU Presidents Council composed of union officers and local conference presidents.  Among the items discussed were ordination candidates; union priorities survey results; GYC, wage/per diem/mileage proposals for the next fiscal year; planning for the 2012 ministerial convention, etc.  Members of the PC also previewed the agenda for the upcoming union executive committee meeting.  (CU 3rd Floor Conference Room; Columbia, MD; November 14, 2011)

Elder Marshall Kelly – Retired pastor and singer, Elder Marshall Kelly, provided the devotional for the gathering of the CU Treasurers Council.  Sharing personal testimony and a singing a number of beloved hymns, Elder Kelly’s message touched many hearts.  Elder Kelly spoke in personal terms of what the Lord has done in his life.  His testimony was moving, and was a challenge to all present to keep Jesus at the core of one’s life.  (Neal Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; November 14, 2011)

 Treasurers Council – Treasurers and associate treasurers from CU local conferences along with academy business managers and others gathered together to discuss a wide-range of financial gathering was productive, collegial, and focused on items of considerable importance to organizations and institutions of the Church throughout the Columbia Union Conference.    (Neal Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; November 14, 2011)


Bel Canto Sings – Enjoy one of the songs sung by Blue Mountain Academy’s Bel Canto at the recently concluded CU Board of Education meeting. The group is composed of 33 students and is directed by Lawrence Galera.  (Neal Wilson Auditorium; Columbia, MD; November 15, 2011)  WATCH HERE


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