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2012 News Archives

December 13, 2012--Kettering Adventist HealthCare Cultivates Compassion at Annual Mission Conference

December 12, 2012--G.E. Peters, WAU Partner to Inspire A Love of Science, Technology

December 12, 2012--Potomac Latino Youth Plant First English-Speaking Church

December 10, 2012--Ohio, Allegheny West Conferences Collaborate for Evangelism

December 6, 2012--600 Ohio, Allegheny West Youth Connect With Christ at Rally

December 5, 2012--Read the December Visitor: Ministry in Motion

December 4, 2012--Fourth Street Leadership Summit Addresses Inclusive Kingdom Building

November 29, 2012--Personal Testimony: From Witchcraft to the Weirton Church

November 29, 2012--Allegheny West Hispanics Encouraged by Cincinnati Outreach

November 27, 2012--World Church President Names December 1 a Day of Prayer, Fasting to Support Falsely Accused Members

November 26, 2012--Tappahannock Church Starts FM Station

November 19, 2012--Josephine Benton

November 19, 2012--Columbia Union Recognizes Five Persons With a New Award

November 19, 2012--Executive Committee

November 19, 2012--Allegheny East Pastor, Youth Harvest Many Baptisms in South Africa

November 14, 2012--Columbia Union Members Score Big at Communication Convention

November 14, 2012--Takoma Park Member Awarded Long Overdue Bronze Star Medal

November 12, 2012--Camp Mohaven Celebrates 50 Years

November 12, 2012--Pennsylvania Delegates Re-elect Conference Administrators

November 8, 2012--16 Female Pastors Approved for Ordination

November 7, 2012--After Super Storm Sandy, New Jersey Members Lend, Get a Helping Hand

November 7, 2012--Adventist Congressman Unseated

October 31, 2012--In Sandy’s Aftermath, Adventist Community Services Leaders Offer Help

October 31, 2012--Mountain View Conference Member Practices Barbershop Evangelism

October 31, 2012--New Joy Members Organizes a Christian Storytelling Café

October 31, 2012--Union Hosts First Religious Liberty Festival

October 24, 2012--Frederick Adventist Students Learn in Nature’s Classroom

October 24, 2012--Four Baptized at Pennsylvania Hispanic Youth Retreat

October 23, 2012--Habitat for Humanity Donates $2K to Buena Vista Church’s “Good Works”

October 16, 2012--Sidebar: New Allegheny East President Comes Full Circle

October 16, 2012--Allegheny East Constituents Elect New Officers, Directors

October 16, 2012--Bucks County Member Starts Motorcycle Ministry

October 10, 2012--Worthington Members Assist Refugees Displaced by Fire

October 10, 2012--Marylanders To Face Same-Sex Marriage, Gambling at the Polls

October 8, 2012--West New York Spanish Children Bless Others Near and Far

October 3, 2012--OFFICIAL STATEMENT Inclusive Ministerial Ordination: An Appeal for Understanding

September 27, 2012--How God Led a Young Pastor to the Mountain View Conference Mission Field

September 26, 2012--Union Convenes Fall Meetings

September 24, 2012--New Jersey Conference Delegates Reelect Officers at Constituency Session

September 24, 2012--Remembrance: Allegheny East Member Helped Develop ADRA, Secured Early Grants

September 19, 2012--Laurel Lake Church Offers Camp for Visually Impaired, Blind

September 19, 2012--Allegheny East’s Hispanic Members Celebrate Multiple Achievements

September 18, 2012--Haitian Churches Net New Members With Summer Outreach

September 12, 2012--Washington Adventist Hospital Performs Montgomery County’s First Single-Site Robotic Surgery

September 11, 2012--Potomac Youth Lead Evangelism Meetings, Hundreds Commit to Follow Jesus

September 11, 2012--Akron Church Pastor Assists in Archeological Dig

September 6, 2012--In Baltimore, a Rabbi Teaches Jews About The Messiah

September 6, 2012--Beltsville Church Opens Social Services Branch Office for Prince George’s County

September 5, 2012--Familial Roles Discussed During Ohio Conference’s Manfest

September 5, 2012--WAU’s Music Groups Inspire on Fifth South African Tour

September 4, 2012--Fredericksburg Members Help 3-Year-old Celebrate Cancer-Free Year

August 28, 2012--Academy Students Recognized for Their “Caring Hearts”

August 27, 2012--At 93, Mountain View Conference Member Still Serves the Lord

August 22, 2012--Capitol Hill Members Display Acts of Kindness on Sabbath

August 21, 2012--As Youth Witness in Philadelphia, Faith Becomes Their Own

August 20, 2012--Kettering Adventist HealthCare Staff Dedicates Ollie Davis Pavilion

August 16, 2012--Lay Members Help Bring Thousands to Christ in the Dominican Republic

August 15, 2012--NAD’s “Changed” Initiative to Target Young Latinos

August 15, 2012--Rain Comes With The Territory

August 14, 2012--Back to School

August 9, 2012--Members Develop Ministerial Skills at Ohio Conference’s ACS Symposium

August 8, 2012--We Exist to Help People, Say Mountain View Thrift Store Owners

August 7, 2012--Read the August Visitor Feature: A Place of Their Own

August 6, 2012--After 20 Years Away, Potomac Member Returns Home

August 6, 2012--Kettering Adventist HealthCare Opens Dayton’s First Senior Behavioral Care Center

August 1, 2012--Constituency Live Stream Expands Audience, Social Media Reach

August 1, 2012--Chesapeake’s Korean Congregation Ministers, Grows Churches in Africa

August 1, 2012--Washington Adventist University’s Accreditation Reaffirmed

July 31, 2012--2,000 Learn About Sanctuary Thru Ephesus Church Events

July 29, 2012--Une écrasante majorité de la circonscription le la Columbia Union a approuvé l’ordination sans égard au sexe.

July 29, 2012--Columbia Union Constituents Overwhelmingly Affirm Women Pastors Through Ordination

July 29, 2012--Columbia Union Constituency Overwhelmingly Approves Ordination Without Regard to Gender

July 26, 2012--Columbia Union Conference 2012 Special Constituency Meeting Information Guide

July 26, 2012--Allegheny East Member, First Black Marine, Receives Congressional Medal

July 25, 2012--Members Debate, Pray About Upcoming Constituency Meeting

July 25, 2012--AHS-2 Researchers Share Study Results, Health Tips at Camp Meetings

July 24, 2012--Columbus Ghanaian Church Reaches Another Milestone

July 24, 2012--Les Leaders de la Columbia Union Conférence lancent un appel à la prière

July 23, 2012--Columbia Union Leaders Call for Day of Prayer

July 18, 2012--Washington Adventist Cardiac and Vascular Intensive Care Unit Nationally Recognized for Excellence

July 17, 2012--Ethnan Temple’s Second Biker Blessing Draws 50

July 18, 2012--Did You Attend Camp Meeting This Year?

July 16, 2012--WAU Student Missionary Returns With Brand New Attitude

July 16, 2012--Mountain View Members Gain Valuable Tools at Festival of the Laity

July 11, 2012--Visitor Publishes Special Issue on Ordination, Members React

July 11, 2012--Allegheny East 24-Hour Prayer Line Provides Comfort

July 11, 2012--Columbia Union Official Statement May 17, 2012, no comments

July 5, 2012--Former WGTS Radio Host Dies at 83

June 27, 2012--Shady Grove’s Healing Garden Wins Design Award

June 27, 2012--Baltimore Spanish Church Hosts Fourth Health Fair

June 26, 2012--WAU to Provide Support, Expertise to new Russian Media Center

June 20, 2012--The Holy Spirit Moves at Union City Spanish Church

June 19, 2012--Great Hope Distribution Begins in the Chesapeake Conference

June 19, 2012--Allegheny West Member, First Woman, Takes Helm of Message Magazine

June 19, 2012--Weeklong Seminar Highlights Value of Potomac’s Small Schools

June 25, 2012--Ephesus Members Satisfy Columbus Adventist Academy Mortgage

June 13, 2012--Temple Emmanuel Member Named a Top U.S. Physician

June 13, 2012--Adventist HealthCare Officials Break Ground Cancer Center

June 12, 2012--Two Columbia Union Teachers Receive Excellence in Teaching Awards

June 12, 2012---Filipino Capitol Kids Lead Kids Evangelism Series

June 11, 2012--16 Chesapeake Churches Gather for Evangelism

June 6, 2012--Young People Pledge to Reach Every Home in Charleston

June 5, 2012--Allegheny East Spanish Youth Share “The Love of Their Lives”

June 4, 2012--Dayton Korean Members Help Treat, Baptize Maasai in Kenya

May 31, 2012--100 Attend Pennsylvania Conference’s Princess Tea

May 31, 2012--Adventist Community Services Names Interim Executive

May 29, 2012--Atholton Adventist Academy Satisfies Loans, Welcomes New Staff

May 24, 2012--A Dying Mother’s Wish Inspires NOVA Korean Church's Health Fair

May 23, 2012--Community Services Director With “Can-Do” Attitude Dies

May 22, 2012--Outstanding Educator, Administrator Awardees Share Why They Love Their Jobs

May 21, 2012--Delegates Re-Elect Officers at Chesapeake Constituency

May 17, 2012--Columbia Union Executive Committee Calls Special Constituency Meeting

May 16, 2012--Allegheny West Leaders Push for Purity at Young Adult Retreat, Cotillion

May 15, 2012--Adventist Participants Healthier, Says Johns Hopkins Diabetes Study

May 10, 2012--Potomac’s Radio Program Impacts Station Owners, Community

May 9, 2012--Mountain View Young Adults Pray

May 9, 2012--Tranquility Adventist School Adds Outdoor “Classroom”

May 9, 2012--Pennsylvania Conference’s Community Event Kicks Butts

May 2, 2012--GC, NAD, Unions, Conferences Collaborate to Reach New York City

May 2, 2012--Shenandoah Valley Students Share Christ in Europe

May 1, 2012--Washington Adventist University Graduates one of its Largest Classes

May 1, 2012--Union ASI Convention Emphasizes “Chosen Vessels,” Raises $10,000

April 30, 2012--Two Columbia Union Teams Shine at NAD Pathfinder Bible Experience

April 25, 2012--Adventists Help Lead Flood Clean-Up Efforts in West Virginia

April 25, 2012--Hackettstown Regional Medical Center Names Chapel in Beloved Administrator

April 25, 2012--Runners Raise $13,500 for Takoma Park Schools

April 19, 2012--Columbia Union Distributes $211K to Homeland Mission Projects

April 19, 2012--Sligo Students Sing at NBA Game

April 18, 2012--Atholton Member, Pageant Winner Gets Maryland Senate Nod

April 17, 2012--Martinsville Spanish Church Organizes

April 16, 2012--Kettering Adventist HealthCare Opens Seventh Ohio Hospital

April 11, 2012--Washington Adventist University SIFE Team Stand Out at Regional Competitio

April 10, 2012--Preaching Class Equips Pastors, Elders to Transform Lives

April 10, 2012--Highland View Academy Teacher Wins Science Awards

April 5, 2012--Rahway Spanish Church Purchases Church Building

April 4, 2012--Mountaintop School Joins Community in Literacy Project

April 3, 2012--WAU Band Festival Allows Academies to Shine

April 3, 2012--Norwegian King Honors Former World Church President

April 2, 2012--Columbia Union Clubs Participate in Pathfinder Bible Experience

March 26, 2012--Guide Magazine Columnist Reviews "The Hunger Games" Movie

March 26, 2012--Gary Gibbs Joins Chesapeake Conference Ministries Staff

March 22, 2012--New Tornado Recovery Center Opens in Southwestern Ohio

March 20, 2012--300 Attend Pennsylvania Conference’s Hispanic Lay Festival

March 20, 2012--Union Adopts Values, Priorities

March 20, 2012--Statement: Columbia Union to Study How to Affirm Women in Ministry

March 14, 2012--In Fulton, Maryland, Members Learn to Share Faith

March 14, 2012--Enrollment at George E. Peters Doubles

March 7, 2012--Washington Adventist University Leads Russian Bible Translation Project

March 6, 2012--Pennsylvania Conference Church, Students Plant Children’s Church

March 6, 2012--Mount Vernon Spanish Youth “Awaken” Their Talents for Ministry

March 1, 2012--Kettering Adventist HealthCare Expands Care to Tiniest Patients

February 29, 2012--Emmanuel-Brinklow Honors Living Legends

February 28, 2012--Congressman, Civil Rights Activist Visits Takoma Academy

February 27, 2012--Fire Guts Chestertown Sanctuary

February 23, 2012--Survey Reveals Five Indicators for Growing Your Church

February 23, 2012--How Allegheny East Movvved Its Way to Two Health Awards

February 23, 2012--Columbia Union Garners Four Health Awards

February 22, 2012--Frederick Student Shares Life-Changing Mission Trip Experience

February 16, 2012--Potomac’s 16th Hispanic Evangelism Festival Draws 2,500

February 16, 2012--Central Virginia Adventist Schools Unite

February 15, 2012--Help Wanted In Tappahannock, Virginia, Ministry Needs Company

February 13, 2012--Virginia Korean Church’s English Group Grows Through Ministry

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February 8, 2012--Potomac Youth ARISE for Christ

February 7, 2012--Washington Adventist University Growth Outpaces Other Colleges and Unive

February 2, 2012--Tiny Parksley Spanish Attracts 300 to Evangelism Service

February 1, 2012--Washington Adventist Hospital Marks 50 Years in Cardiac Excellence

February 1, 2012--Logan, Williamson Churches Open Better Living Center

January 30, 2012--Review and Herald Ships 1 Million Copies of The Great Controversy

January 26, 2012--Sterling Spanish Church Organized

January 25, 2012--Nearly 300 Accept Christ During Evangelism Initiatives

January 25, 2012--Mount Vernon Academy Special Constituency Highlights Strengths, Needs

January 23, 2012--New Market Church Presents Journey to Bethlehem

January 19, 2012--Adventist HealthCare Becomes Largest Buyer of Green Energy for Healthcar

January 18, 2012--Potomac, ASI Member Shines for Christ

January 18, 2012--Washington Adventist University Dedicates Leroy and Lois Peters Music Ce

January 18, 2012--Miracle Temple Member Raises $8,500 for Cancer Research

January 11, 2012--City of Cleveland, Adventist Peers Recognize Walk of Faith

January 11, 2012--Car Salesman Scores Trade-in of a Lifetime

January 9, 2012--Ethan Temple Pastor Named to Allegheny West Conference Presidency

January 5, 2012--Former Potomac Conference President Passes Away

January 4, 2012--Home Secured for Pennsylvania Youth Outreach Ministry

January 4, 2012--Worldwide Prayer Emphasis Begins Today