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January 2016




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Through photos and commentary, Ruben A. Ramos provides an inside look at how the Holy Spirit is moving, transforming lives, and empowering believers to fulfill their mission.

Archives 2007
Multilingual Ministries

On May 19 I was invited by Pastor Raul Rivero (pictured) from the Chesapeake Conference to preach at Parksley Spanish, one of his churches. That Sabbath was dedicated to a well prepared festival of small groups. It was a joyful celebration of God’s work, bringing souls for his kingdom. In August, having prepared the field, the congregation conducted a week of harvest.
My father, Ruben Ramos Sr., passed away on May 27. He served the Lord as a missionary for more than 30 years in South America. The Lord gave us a wonderful father who inspired us to serve the Lord. His life and example will be always a source of encouragement. I pray that soon, very soon, I will be with him to meet the Lord! 
On June 16, I participated in a youth rally in the Be-tel district of Cancun, Mexico. More than 450 young people gathered to be inspired, give reports, and lay plans for future activities. It was my privilege to share with them the word of God three times. I praise God for their love and commitment for the mission of the church.
This photos shows the attendees of the youth rally. It was a sunny day but the temperature and humidity were high. Nevertheless the young people enjoyed participating in the daylong program.
We were delighted to have a group of young people play hymns with musical instruments from the Peruvian Andes.
This year, I was honored to be the speaker for the Pennsylvania Conference's Hispanic Camp Meeting on Sabbath, June 23. Brothers and sisters from all the Hispanic churches of Pennsylvania gathered at Blue Mountain Academy's church. More than 30 were recognized for evangelistic achievements. 
On June 30, I attended the Potomac Conference's Hispanic Camp Meeting. What a celebration of “Hogares Iglesias”! In this photo, Pastor Raul Rodriguez is presenting the leaders of “hogares iglesias” (small groups) of the Capital Spanish and DC Spanish churches.
Roanoke Spanish Company brought more than 50 members and visitors. This company started in October 2006 and was organized this year as a company. Nevertheless these courageous brothers are planting another congregation in Lynchburg, Va. May the Lord bless them! 
Pastor Luis Tenorio introduces Teresa Ramirez, lay leader of Alexandria Spanish. Sister Teresa was baptized in 1989. Since 1990 she has kept her “hogar iglesia” holding weekly meetings without any interruptions except on her vacations. Through her efforts, dozens of people heard God’s Word and became part of the Remnant!
On Sabbath afternoon we rejoiced as 46 people were baptized.
Hispanic members made a commitment to plant eight new churches! With great joy, Pastor Pedro Huaringa and his congregations---Annandale Spanish, Burke Spanish, and Leesburg Spanish---pledged to plant a new congregation in Springfield, Va.
At the close of the camp meeting, Jose Esposito, Potomac's new Hispanic Ministries coordinator, baptizes Jose Silva. Esposito reported 502 Hispanic baptisms for the year. Praise the Lord!
On July 18, I participated in the organization of the Gaithersburg Brazilian Company. In this photo, Bill Miller, president of the Potomac Conference, greets Leonardo Oliveira, pastor of this brand new company in Gaithersburg, Md. 
That morning the church was packed. Brazilian brethren and other visitors came to encourage the new congregation.
Just before his retirement, Roger Weiss, vice president for administration of Potomac Conference, invited everyone to sign and become charter (founding) members of the Gaithersburg Brazilian Company. Forty-one people signed the books.

Every year, the Hispanic Ministries Department for the Pennsylvania Conference organizes a lay festival. I was invited to present a seminar titled “Characteristics of a Healthy Church.” More than 300 church lay leaders gathered in a wonderful resort located at Strasburg, Pa. The retreat was embellished by inspiring music. The group Alabanza Pura (pictured) lead the congregation with lively praise services and other special songs. Nearly 140 lay leaders committed themselves to win two souls for Christ in 2007. Praise the Lord; keep them in prayer!
At the Hispanic Lay Festival I heard moving stories of how the Holy Spirit is using committed believers to bring others to Christ. One of the examples is brother Isabel Chavarria (left) who was a Lutheran pastor for many years. The Lord led him to the Biblical truths and he gave testimony of his courageous decision to become a Seventh-day Adventist by baptism. Elder Juan Lopez, the Hispanic coordinator for Pennsylvania (right), introduced Pastor Chavarria. 
Another great feast of powerful preaching and baptisms is the NET 2007. Elder Jose Cortes, executive secretary of New Jersey Conference, is preaching every night a Christ-centered series of sermons and many souls are responding to God’s call. In the city of Vineland, N.J., dozens of brothers and sisters participate as volunteers to make that program a success. ACN and Esperanza TV, are broadcasting this series to the world. So far just in the actual place where the meetings are,111 souls have been baptized. The meetings will end on Easter Sunday.

On March 10 I attended the Hispanic Elders Retreat at Camp Blue Ridge, Virginia. The cafeteria was packed with more that 350 elders and pastors representing 50 Hispanic congregations of Potomac Conference. They received inspiration and training. And they also committed themselves to complete the work.
That same day I also visited a brand new congregation in Roanoke, Va. More than 50 members and guests attended church that Sabbath afternoon. Fismed Omar and his wife are doing an amazing work there. Last October they came with a group of young people every Sabbath from Washington, D.C. After driving more than 230 miles they started knocking on doors, searching for Hispanics in the area. The Lord blessed their efforts, so they decided to stay the whole weekends in Roanoke. But just a few weeks ago they came to the conclusion that the only way to handle all the interests was to move to Roanoke. So they moved, along with Alfredo, another volunteer. Since then, 30 people—after receiving Bible studies—were baptized. They have a regular Sabbath attendance of more than 40. Let’s pray for them so their dream to build a strong ministry and plant other congregations in the area may become true. 
On March 17 I preached at a small Hispanic congregation in Salisbury, Md. It was a very joyful Sabbath. The brothers and sisters met in chapel rented from the Church of God of the Prophecy. I was so impressed with their enthusiasm to see their church grow that I am planning with the pastor, Marcos Schwantes, to hold a week of harvest and revival next May.