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Letter From the President

April 1, 2007

Dear Member:

As you know, Monte Sahlin has left his position as vice president for Creative Ministries at the Columbia Union Conference to join the Ohio Conference staff.

For the past eight years, Monte has served this union well. During his tenure, he led and supported the growth of many ministries and initiatives including Secular Campus Ministries, the Lay Evangelism Training Program, the Generation X Symposium and Taskforce, the Generation Y Symposium, and the Columbia Union Departmental Meetings, etc. He also provided invaluable information for the church through the research he conducted and the follow-up reports he generated. Most important to him was the work of Metro Ministries in the large cities of the Columbia Union where he partnered with churches, conferences, and community services leaders to implement homeland mission projects and raise awareness of Adventists in the community.

We applaud his efforts and accomplishments and owe to him and his wife Norma a debt of gratitude for their dedication and continued service to Christ’s mission in our territory and beyond.

You may be wondering, as we have, who could fill Monte’s shoes. While we don’t yet know that answer, we are taking steps to fill his position.

I recently met with your conference presidents to discuss the ministry needs in our field. We then appointed a search committee that will generate a list of qualified candidates.

My hope is that by our next meeting, May 3, we can bring you a name for consideration.

While this committee does its work, I ask you to join me in seeking God’s guidance in the matter. Above all our preferences, priorities, and needs, we want to do His will.

Thank you for your service to our church and for your participation in Christ’s mission.


Dave Weigley