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Editorial by Victor Zill

How often do you contemplate the blessings in your life? I firmly believe that focusing on the blessings God has given us—both individually and as a church—helps keep our priorities straight and our attitudes correctly tuned. Even if problems and tragedies run into us like a Mack Truck, with God on our side, there are plenty of things to celebrate.

Story by Tiffany Doss

Members of the Southern Asian church in Silver Spring, Md., recently celebrated 30 years of God’s faithfulness. “Everyone joined to embrace the history and celebrate what lies ahead,” says Franklin David, pastor.

In the late 1950s, many Southern Asian Adventists migrated to areas in the Potomac Conference and held church services in their homes. In the 1980s, they approached conference administration with a request to establish a Southern Asian church. David established a company as a volunteer leader, and, within two years, the congregation grew to 250 members. Today the church is attended by more than 900.

Jim and Elaine Buchanan

Story by Valerie Morikone

After their baptism into the Seventh-day Adventist Church in May of 1999, Jim and Elaine Buchanan quickly began sharing the Word of God in their community. They enjoyed it so much that, two years later, they attended the Mission College of Evangelism (S.D.) for further Bible instructor training. After graduation, they became Bible workers in Florida, and, several years later, moved to Oregon to work as church trainers and outreach coordinators for the Mission College of Evangelism. It wasn’t until 2007 that they received a call to minister in the Mountain View Conference (MVC).

Story by LaTasha Hewitt

The Allegheny East Conference (AEC) recently launched its new 24-hour prayer line, a place where constituents can leave prayer requests and concerns. Henry J. Fordham, III, conference president, greets callers and invites them to leave an audio recording, detailing their prayer request. Upon receipt, the prayer team, consisting of AEC office staff, listen to the message and pray together for the specific request.

Callers also have the option to leave their name and number for someone to call them back to pray with them over the phone. Someone will respond to these requests within 24 hours. Individuals can also email their prayer requests to

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We’re human!

“At one level, [people] realize that a pastor’s wife’s ministry in general is made up of real, actual human beings who have good days and bad days. ... Who have marriages that they struggle [with] at times, who have nances that go up and down. But at another level, people put us on a pedestal like you don’t really have any problems because you are a pastor’s wife.

“I like being able to pull back the curtain, which I really do. I wear my heart on my sleeve a lot of the time. I think it surprises people.”—Kathy Pepper

We’re busy too!

Kettering College celebrated its second annual KC Giving Day, which raised money for scholarships and funds for students at Kettering College.

Story by Lauren Brooks

Kettering College recently celebrated its second annual KC Giving Day with donuts and coffee, Chick-fil-A, popcorn, and sweet treats. More importantly, the College celebrated with a spirit of giving among alumni, students, staff and friends.