April 26, 2012

Runners Raise $13,500 for Takoma Park Schools

“I never ran this far before,” said Keiffer Edwards, a fourth-grader at Sligo Adventist School (SAS) in Takoma Park, Md., after participating in a 3.1-mile fun run. Why did he run? “I wanted my mom to be happy,” he said, holding up a first-place trophy.

There was another reason Edwards participated in Sunday’s “5K Race/Fun Run for Christian Education.” This inaugural fundraising race, which took place at Sligo Creek Parkway, brought in $13,500 for student scholarships at Sligo Adventist School and John Nevins Andrews School (JNA), also located in Takoma Park.

The fundraiser was the brainchild of Alvin Fuentes, an SAS parent who for many years participated in a similar fundraiser in Florida. Despite the rain, Fuentes estimates that more than 100 people participated.


Columbia Union Distributes $211K to Homeland Mission Projects

“The territory that comprises our great union is best viewed as a mission field that God has called us to reach,” says Frank Bondurant, Columbia Union Conference vice president for Ministries Development. “Accordingly one of the fundamental core values for our next quinquennium is to ‘impact our communities by revealing the love of Christ, sharing the distinct Adventist message and inviting people to accept Christ as their Savior.’”

In support of this effort, the Columbia Union is partnering with local conferences to designate $211,000 for more than 10 local projects and ministries. Some of the projects include the First church of Montclair, N.J., youth mentoring program, the Atkinson House ministry for homeless men in Coatesville, Pa., and the Reach Philadelphia youth and young adult leadership and evangelism program. Click here to watch an awesome video about what Reach Philadelphia missionaries (pictured) are doing in their community.—Story by Visitor Staff

Click here to see what other programs are receiving funding.

Adventists Help Lead Flood Clean-Up Efforts in West Virginia

Last month, a slow-moving thunderstorm moved into Logan and Lincoln counties in West Virginia and flooded roads, homes and businesses. As government officials organized a disaster response meeting, Shannon Meade, a community volunteer, was pulled in to lead the disaster response team. Meade said, “as soon as I received this assignment, I immediately thought of Pastor Cesar Quispe. … I realized that we have to get organized by someone that knows how this process should work.” Quispe, who pastors Mountain View Conference’s Logan and Williamson churches, previously told her he would be ready to help in the event of an emergency.

Quispe responded by leading the team in prayer, and then worked with Meade to establish an emergency hotline, print magnets for volunteer vehicles going into the affected areas and recruit volunteers. Over the three-week recovery period, some 146 volunteers—not just Seventh-day Adventists—helped some 1,100 people with food, clothing and clean up.—Story by J. Wayne Hancock


Se organiza la Iglesia Martinsville Spanish

La feligresía de la compañía Martinsville Spanish, en Martinsville, Va., se regocijó recientemente al recibir de Potomac Conference un certificado oficial de organización de iglesia.

Por años, esta congregación pasó por tiempos difíciles, y oró constantemente pidiendo sabiduría y ayuda. Llegó un momento en que solamente siete feligreses asistían, y casi perdieron el nuevo edificio que habían comprado, donde adoraban. Con la necesidad de asegurar un préstamo para la propiedad, la tesorera, Isis Moyer, confío en la provisión de un Dios misericordioso y usó su casa como colateral.

Durante esas pruebas, los miembros del pequeño grupo contactaron al pastor José Esposito, director de los ministerios hispanos del Potomac. Esposito viajó con el pastor Fismed Omar para reunirse y ayudar al grupo que deseaba establecer la primera compañía hispana en el área sureste de Virginia.— Historia por Fismed Omar/Blog de Potomac Conference


Martinsville Spanish Church Organizes

Members of the Martinsville Spanish company in Martinsville, Va., recently rejoiced upon receiving an official certificate of church organization from the Potomac Conference.

Over the years, this congregation endured difficult times and constantly prayed for wisdom and help. At one point, only seven members attended and the newly purchased church building they worshiped in was almost lost. Needing to secure a loan on the property, the treasurer, Isis Moyer, trusted the provision of a merciful God and used her house as collateral. The group grew and more than 150 people attended the service to organize the company as the Martinsville Spanish church. Bill Miller, president of the Potomac Conference, is pictured signing the charter.—Story by Fismed Omar/Potomac Conference Blog


Oakwood Communication Department Honors Brinklow Member

Oakwood University’s Communication Department recently honored Frenita Buddy, a producer at Hope Channel and a member of Allegheny East Conference’s Emmanuel-Brinklow church in Ashton, Md. She is one of two recipients of the fifth James E. Dykes Alumni Communicator Award. Dykes, who served the university for 15 years, created the university’s communication curriculum and started the campus’s radio station.

Buddy said, “I am deeply honored to receive this award, and count it as a challenge to continue to do well in the communication field. My personal motto is, ‘I’m an ordinary girl with an extraordinary God.’”

Professor Patrice Conwell, who coordinates the awards banquet, said they select alumni who “further the field of communication and represent our department as a consecrated communicator for Christ.”

Buddy graduated from Oakwood in 1999 with a bachelor’s in communication and then went on to earn a master’s in journalism from Northwestern University (Ill.). She can sometimes be seen co-anchoring Adventist News Network’s  weekly video news and heard on the GraceLink podcast where she tells stories as “Aunt Frenita.”—Story by Taashi Rowe

Hackettstown Regional Medical Center’s Chapel Named for Administrator

Forrest Kinzli’s Hackettstown Regional Medical Center (HRMC) family in Hackettstown, N.J., recently named HRMC’s chapel the “Forrest Kinzli Chapel.” Kinzli was instrumental in the design of the new chapel, and put a great deal of thought into the stain glass design, which tells the creation story. “The chapel dedication was such a great honor,” said Nancy Kinzli, his widow. “Forrest would be deeply touched—he felt he was part of a family at HRMC.”

As Organization Integrity officer for HRMC, he was responsible for overseeing Pastoral Care, Mission Development and Emergency Management. He did his best to live his life’s mission with vigor and tremendous personal faith, until his enthusiastic journey was cut short in February 2011, as a result of a brain tumor.

Pictured from left to right are Jason Coe, Hackettstown Regional Medical Center (HRMC) president; Nancy Kinzli; and Carl Bannister HRMC’s chaplain and manager of Pastoral Care. HRMC is a member of Adventist HealthCare, which is based in Rockville, Md.— Story by Lisa Dimiceli

Pine Forge Parent Weekend Highlights Student Successes

Pine Forge Academy’s recent Parent Weekend was a high time for students, faculty and parents. On Friday, six students, including five sophomores, were inducted into the school’s National Honor Society chapter. Following the ceremony were performances by the academy choir and Creative Arts Drama Ministry.

On Sabbath the students and their families led Sabbath school and divine service. In the evening, an Honors Convocation was held in which the students who were on the honor roll first semester were recognized.

In addition, Pine Forge Academy Foundation and others gave scholarships in excess of $10,000. The highlight of the weekend occurred Sabbath afternoon when nine students gave their hearts to Christ and were baptized. Justin Thornton, a freshman who was baptized, stated, “After I got baptized I saw life in a different way. I was beginning to live God’s Will. My life changed for the better!” Pictured is Shardae’ Jean-Baptiste who was baptized by Pastor Toussaint Williams.—Story by Noreena Ogidan

Ohio Welcomes New Associate Superintendent

“I am most pleased to share with you that Alison Jobson has accepted the invitation to ministry as our associate superintendent,” announced E. Jay Colburn, Ohio Conference’s superintendent of schools. “While being an extraordinarily outstanding classroom teacher, Alison has also demonstrated excellent professional leadership ... by providing in-service for her peers on a [variety of] topics,” said Colburn.

Many will recognize Jobson as the recent third-grade teacher at Spring Valley Academy, a Pathways Program presenter and the Ohio SDA Wikispace “instigator” and manager. Others may recognize her as a member of her childhood Xenia, Ohio-church.

Jobson said she was humbled and grateful to be named to this position. “For me, Seventh-day Adventist education has always been more than a job or career—it’s been a calling. The gift of sharing Jesus’ message and His teachings to children and families leaves an indelible impact on you,” said Jobson. She will also coordinate Ohio’s Child and Family Education Ministry. Jobson replaces the recently retired Cindy French-Puterbaugh.—Story by Heidi Shoemaker

End Quote: Christ Calls Everyone to Ministry

“It’s important for Christians to understand that true ministry doesn't start and end with the professional clergy. Christ’s disciples as well as most of the New Testament believers had no formal ministerial training, however, they were passionately committed to sharing Christ's gospel with those around them. As pastors, our role is to teach and train our members to be effective evangelists, authentically sharing the gospel through their own experience. This is the gospel at its best—what Christ has done for you!”—Trevor Kinlock, Pastor, Calvary Church in Newport News, Va.

Click here for a complete listing of upcoming events around the Columbia Union Conference.

April 28-29: Capitol Hill church members will participate in the 23rd Annual U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon. The opening ceremony starts Friday, April 27 and ends on May 1. There will be 90 hours of continuous Bible reading. Capitol Hill church members will read on Sabbath, April 28 from 6-7 p.m., April 29, 8-9 a.m. and 10-10:30 a.m. The reading will be at the United States Capitol’s West Front Steps Plaza in Washington, D.C. For more information, visit, http://www.dcbiblemarathon.org/Home.html or email Saundra H. Austin, Capitol Hill’s prayer/spiritual care coordinator at go2pray@verizon.net.

April 28: Annual Bike Blessing at Montclair Church. The First church of Montclair in New Jersey is hosting its fifth annual motorcycle blessing from 3-5 p.m. The T.R.U.T.H RIDERZ Motorcycle Club is organizing the event. Non-riders are also invited. For more information, contact Remy at (973) 951-4172 or Fortune at (973) 952-7058. You may also email truthriderz@gmail.com. The church is located at 15 Elmwood Ave in Montclair.

April 27-28: Esmie Branner will speak at the Remnant Adventist church in Silver Spring, Md. Branner is a professor of psychology and author of "Beyond the Veil of Darkness." She will speak for vespers April 27 at 7:30 p.m.; 11 a.m. service on April 28, followed by a fellowship lunch at 1 p.m., then a presentation at 3 p.m. she will also sign copies of her book at the Potomac Adventist Health Book and Food Store on April 29 from 2-4 p.m. The church is located at the Transfiguration Episcopal church at 13925 New Hampshire Ave. For more information contact Lalitha Isaac at (301) 828-7857.

May 18-20: Ohio Conference’s Men’s Gathering will include a weekend of spiritual activities, work and play designed around the theme “Manhood in a Christian Context.” It will be held at Camp Mohaven in Danville. Visit ohioadventist.org for details.

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