Mission, Values & Priorities


The Columbia Union Conference exists to advance and fulfill the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Mid-Atlantic United States. We provide administrative leadership, governance, and support services to our conferences, ministries, healthcare networks, elementary and secondary schools, college and university. Above all, we assist and enhance the ministry of these organizations in sharing the Three Angels’ Messages and preparing people—locally and globally—for Christ’s soon return.


In the Columbia Union Conference, we pray and strive to embrace and embody: Christlikeness | Unity | Respect | Excellence | Equality | Integrity | Service 


The Columbia Union Conference will futher the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church by prioritizing:

Youth/Young Adults — Engage and partner with youth and young adults to further the mission of the church Evangelism — Impact our communities by revealing the love of Christ, inviting people to accept Christ as their Savior and sharing the distinct Seventh-day Adventist message

Education — Foster excellence in spiritual and academic development in Adventist schools and support programs that promote affordability and increased enrollment

Local Church Revitalization — Promote healthy families and churches by uniting members through personal spiritual renewal and active engagement in ministry

Innovation in Church Ministry — Embrace innovation in ministry to respond relevantly to the changing needs of our church and community

Leadership Development — Maximize the vitality of the church by supporting leadership development, promoting effectiveness and assuring equality