New Jersey Satellite Evangelism Yields 200

By LaVerne Henderson

“Tell it to Your World: The King is Coming” was the theme of LA RED 2007, the Hispanic evangelism component of the NET satellite series. The New Jersey Conference event originated from the Bridgeton (N.J.) Spanish church and was aired on the Esperanza TV and 3ABN networks.

José Cortés, executive secretary for the New Jersey Conference, was the speaker. Over 200 individuals were baptized during the series. “The people didn’t want to stop, they said, ‘let’s keep going for another week.’” reported Cortés. “The last night about 60 people came forward. Most of them came from small groups where the lay people had worked with them.”

Sponsored by the Adventist Church in North America, this was the first satellite evangelism series to be uplinked from the New Jersey Conference and translated from Spanish to English, French, and Portuguese. Its theme corresponded with the current “Tell the World” initiative of the worldwide church.