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Shenandoah Valley Students Share Christ in Europe

Story by Buz Menhardt
Published 5/2/12

Skyler Menhardt and Maria Wixwat join an Austrian student in witnessing to Munich residents.

Ten Shenandoah Valley Academy (SVA) students and four sponsors from New Market, Va., traveled to Germany and Austria during spring break for a unique outreach journey. The group’s mission: to witness to residents and meet other Seventh-day Adventist young people.

For their first outreach appointment, they visited with the students of PLANT Academy, an outreach-training program based at the Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen, an Adventist academy and seminary in Austria. The students had fun attending the German and English classes with the Austrian students. The SVA and PLANT young people then visited several neighborhoods in Brauna to conduct surveys and distribute literature.

Later the SVA students got involved in 10 prayer meetings for Adventist youth in Bavaria, Germany, including two youth Sabbaths in Nürnberg and Munich. They focused on the life of John the Baptist and on becoming God’s messengers who proclaim the Second Advent. SVA students also conducted two morning worships at the Immanuel School near Munich, one of the few Adventist elementary schools in Germany. The SVA group also made sure to tour historical sites in Salzburg, Mondsee, Nürnberg, Munich, Newuschwanstein and Dachau, and ski in the Austrian Alps!

Here are a couple of comments from the group about the journey: “The trip to Europe was an eye-opening experience, much like any mission trip. It allowed me to see how a group of people can be so different in their way of living but can still be accepting and ultimately have the same goal to reach people for Christ,” shared senior Graydon Jedamski.

“I met many fearless warriors for Christ, and I aspire to be more like them,” said junior Angel Lawhorn.

Angel Lawhorn and other SVA students pray with children at the Immanuel School near Munich, Germany.