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Delegates Re-Elect Officers at Chesapeake Constituency

Story by Samantha Young; Photos by Josue Sanchez
Published 5/21/2012

Delegates re-elected Kleyton Feitosa, executive secretary; Rick Remmers, president; and Eduardo Muñoz, treasurer. The officers are pictured with their wives Delma Feitosa, Shayne Remmers and Elsy Munoz. 

At the Third Quinquennial Constituency Session of the Chesapeake Conference, held on Sunday, May 20 at the Spencerville church in Silver Spring, Md., 267 regular delegates and 164 delegates-at-large met to elect officers for the 2012-2016 quinquennial term. Delegates re-elected Rick Remmers, president; Eduardo Muñoz, treasurer; and Kleyton Feitosa, executive secretary.           

“It is an honor to be invited to serve in leadership for the next quinquennium,” said Remmers. “The combination of exciting opportunities and associated challenges will require a constant reliance on Divine wisdom. I value the prayers of our members as we move forward.”

Eight new churches were accepted into the sisterhood of churches. The Maryland churches were Annapolis Spanish, Beacon of Light (Salisbury), Frederick Spanish, Laurel Maranatha Spanish, Mizo (Burtonsville), Northeast (Baltimore) and South Carroll (Westminster). New Castle Spanish in New Castle, Del., also became a church.

Church growth has been steady, averaging 424 new members each year, and the day before the constituency session, membership topped 14,000.

The financial stability of the conference during the recession was one of the highlights of the quinquennium. This is due to members faithfully returning tithe and accumulating a strong reserve fund over the years in anticipation of an economic crisis, said Muñoz.

Delegates voted seven conference priorities for 2012-2016, focusing on conference leadership, youth ministries, outreach, Christian education, diversity, spiritual growth and stewardship. These priorities came out of a conference-wide survey of constituents, elders and pastors.
“The spirit of cooperation and support of the conference was outstanding,” said Feitosa of the delegates. “My sincere and heartfelt prayer is that God will continue to inspire and empower us to grow His kingdom in our territory.”

Rick Remmers, Chesapeake Conference president, and Deborah Treviño, outgoing principal of Highland View Academy in Hagerstown, Md., address constituents.


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