Chesapeake Members Affirm Leadership

By Celeste Ryan Blyden

Nearly 500 delegates from around the Chesapeake Conference gathered at the Spencerville church in Silver Spring, Md., yesterday for their 2nd Quinquennial Session. They re-elected current officers--president Rob Vandeman, executive secretary Charles Griffin, and treasurer Ramon Chow--officially welcomed two churches into the conference, made some significant changes to their constitution and bylaws, and heard an encouraging report from Highland View Academy’s principal Sheri Tydings and business manager Andrew Choi.

Several times throughout the session, which ended just after 1 p.m., President Vandeman spoke of his desire to see members and leaders united in their goal to advance the gospel in their communities. “How many people have gone to Christless graves while we’ve argued over nonessential issues in our churches?” he asked rhetorically. In his closing challenge he thanked delegates for their vote of confidence, pledged to do God’s will during this five-year term, and affirmed the conference’s strong focus on mission and unity. “Let’s continue working together to accomplish great things--together--for God,” he said.

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