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Atholton Adventist Academy Satisfies Loans, Welcomes New Staff

Story by Beth Michaels
Photo by Beth Villanueva

At Atholton Adventist Academy’s constituency meeting, Marilynn Peeke (second from left), principal, presents a check with the balance of their $400,000 in loans to Rick Remmers (far left), Chesapeake Conference president, and Carole Smith, Chesapeake’s superintendent of schools. Holding the check is Chad Moffit, AAA’s physical education teacher.

Just six years after the Atholton church in Columbia, Md., asked Atholton Adventist Academy (AAA) to help pay for the new additions to their school building, the school announced its fulfillment of two loans totaling $400,000. A portion of that balance includes the $100,000 they put toward a modular classroom, built in 2006, to house their new pre-kindergarten program.

“Through God’s incredible goodness, both loans were completely satisfied in time for our school constituency meeting,” reported Marilynn Peeke, principal. She delighted in telling meeting attendees that the school was able to pay off the entire amount without “asking for one penny” from the church. She also noted, “Eventually, we will need to construct a permanent structure to replace our modular classroom, and, as our lower grade student population increases, the need may come sooner than later.”

Peeke also informed attendees of the school’s newest staff members. Candace Iseminger is AAA’s first vice principal. She will also teach ESL glasses for grades 7-10. Iseminger has taught and/or performed administrative duties in Washington state and Montana as well as Egypt and the Philippines. She received her education from Eastern Oregon University, Walla Walla University (Wash.) and Portland State University. As a teacher, Iseminger says she will do all she can to help her students succeed.

Mark O’Ffill serves in a dual capacity: youth pastor for the Atholton church and chaplain and Bible teacher for the academy. Since finishing his divinity degree, O’Ffill has served as a youth pastor, teacher and school administrator. He loves young people and wants to help them discover a forever friendship with Jesus Christ. He often reminds students that Christians should be the best examples of eco-consciousness. “After all, God put us in charge of the Garden of Eden and commanded that we take care of it!” he said. “We may have messed up Eden, but we can improve the world around us!”

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