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Young People Pledge to Reach Every Home in Charleston

Story by Mountain View Conference Staff
Published 6/6/12

Can a group of young people knock on every door in Charleston, W.Va., this year? Young people in the Mountain View Conference, who are partnering with Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC), said an exuberant “Yes!” Charleston is not only the state’s capital, but according to the 2010 US Census it is also home to 51,400 people and 23,453 households.

The first event to reach “This Soil Also,” began on a rainy Friday evening as GYC representatives, conference administrators, pastors, young people and supportive church members from around the conference, streamed into the Charleston church to hear keynote speaker, Valmy Karemera, who encouraged everyone to be witnesses in that very city.

On Sabbath morning, a panel of six young people discussed how to be witnesses for God in all arenas, be it secular work, in a school setting or maybe in a church leadership position.

In the afternoon, 56 people descended on the city of Charleston taking surveys and offering Bible studies. Jesica Cheever, from the Webster Springs (W.Va.) company, noted, “We went out two-by-two reaching out to souls for Christ.”

Cheever shared the story of Noah, who willingly took part in the survey and when asked if he had a prayer request, spoke of a burden on his heart that needed prayer. Expressing appreciation that these two young people would say a prayer for his special concern, Noah signed up for Bible studies.

Cheever and her partner also connected with an elderly gentleman. He, too, gladly responded to the survey questions and with tears streaming down his face, asked them to pray that, “I may be a witness to everyone I meet and wherever I go.”

In just two hours, the young people knocked on almost 900 doors and received more than 100 requests for Bible studies. They also distributed more than 600 tracts and prayed with more than 125 people.

“It was amazing to see the Lord work as the young people began the goal of knocking on every door in Charleston this year,” said Geoff Starr, conference Youth Ministries director. “I was inspired by the powerful speaking and the challenge to not forget about this city. We can all work to turn our world upside down for Christ, and this year the Mountain View Conference and GYC have teamed up to turn Charleston upside down.”

At the end of the Sabbath, many young people committed to continue working in Charleston. The initiative continues once a month during 2012. To stay up-to-date on this project, visit

Jesica Cheever, Kathy Pepper and Daniella Pusic contributed to this story.

Daniella Pusic, Mountain View Conference’s assistant director for Young Adult Ministries, addresses the group.


Keynote speaker Valmy Karemera encourages everyone to be witnesses in Charleston, W.Va.


Panel members answer the question of how best to go about being witnesses in all arenas.

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