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16 Chesapeake Churches Gather for Evangelism

Story by Taashi Rowe
Published 6/11/2012

Ingrid Mibar becomes a member of the Laurel Spanish church in Laurel, Md., via baptism.

Sixteen Chesapeake Conference Spanish churches recently gathered at the Spencerville church in Silver Spring, Md., and the Long Reach High School in Columbia, Md., for an evangelism meeting featuring South American evangelist Alejandro Bullón.

While individually churches generally host three to four evangelism meetings throughout the year, this was the first time that all the Chesapeake Spanish churches joined together for such a large meeting. “This was a collaborative effort among our brothers and sisters. The meetings was not only to revive their souls but we encouraged them to bring their friends so that they, too, could know Jesus,” said Orlando Rosales, pastor of the Baltimore and Dundalk Spanish churches in Maryland. Rosales also organized the weekend.

The three-day long meeting focused on the entire book of third John. The weekend was also an opportunity for five people who had been studying the Bible to join the church through baptism. That night, 11 people took a stand and committed to take Bible studies.

Rosales estimates that close to 1,000 attended the final day of the meeting, which included Sabbath School, divine service, a fellowship lunch, multiple afternoon workshops and special music.

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