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The Holy Spirit Moves at Union City Spanish Church

Story by Claudia Garcia del Puerto
Published 6/20/12

Cindy Mejia embraces her mom Reyna Mejia.
On June 9, members of New Jersey Conference’s Union City Spanish church had a special goodbye planned for their beloved pastor, Julio Cesar Labrador, and his family who were transferring to another district. However, the day quickly became one to remember as members witnessed the Holy Spirit’s moving.

The baptismal tank was full. However, there were no people to be baptized. The elders prayed. The choir sang. Pastor Labrador started preaching, and the Holy Spirit started to move. By the end of the sermon, Cindy, a 10-year-old Pathfinder, stood and went to the front to be baptized. Cindy began attending the church a few months earlier because her best friend, Giggi, invited her to visit. After Cindy took a stand for Christ, her mom soon followed and gave her life to the Lord.

A few minutes later, Giggi's mom also stood up and decided to give her life to the Savior. Giggi, a 10-year-old Pathfinder, couldn't believe such a miracle was happening in front of her eyes! She cried because of overwhelming joy. For almost two years, Giggi and her brother, Danny, a 13-year-old Pathfinder, were the only believers in their family, and thanks to their Christian testimony, they were seeing the Hand of the Lord work through them. On that Sabbath their mom, their friend and their friend’s mom accepted Jesus as their personal Savior, almost at the same moment.

The miracles didn’t end there. Lucinalda, a 13-year-old Pathfinder, also saw her best friend Nilda, who she invited to attend church a few months ago, stand for baptism. Lucinalda was so happy she was also crying.
Then another person stood up and another and another, including Joshua, the first elder’s son. He was so eager to give his life to the Lord, he went to the front of the church with his eyes filled with tears of joy.

Sebastian, a 10-year-old Adventurer, also decided on baptism, but his dad was not at church at that moment. He was working as a postman. So Sebastian’s mom called her husband. The entire church waited for Sebastian's dad to come so he could see him being baptized. Wearing his white baptismal gown, Sebastian waited anxiously with Pastor Labrador. Soon, his dad came in through the front doors and Sebastian ran to his dad’s arms. His dad brought him to the baptismal tank where Sebastian was baptized.

These are only a few of the stories of the 13 people who decided to be baptized that day. Union City Spanish church members are still rejoicing and praising the Lord that they got to witness this special day. 

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2012-06-21 6:10 PM

It was all the Lord's will that I be baptised that
day and it was the happiest day of my life.