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Ethnan Temple’s Second Biker Blessing Draws 50

Story by Allegheny West Staff Photos by Takesha Burden

Daryl Spivey, an Ethnan Temple elder, prays with an area biker.

The Ethnan Temple congregation in Wilkinsburg, Ohio, under the direction of Pastor William E. Joseph Jr., recently hosted their second annual Blessing of the Bikes service. Spearheaded by members Darlene Meadows and Rozell Burroughs, both avid riders, the event drew upwards of 50 bikers from a local chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association and other area clubs. Pastor Jack McCrary, another biking enthusiast from the Bethany church in Charlottesville, Va., also joined in the day’s festivities.
At the conclusion of the sermon, Pastor Joseph invited the congregation outside where he and the elders offered prayers for the bikers’ safety during the riding season. Church members also provided each rider with a gift bag filled with a variety of mementos, including a patch that read, “No day is dark when the Son is present.” Area businesses also donated vests and other prizes, which the church awarded for categories such as “first to arrive” and “best tri-wheeled bikes.”
“Our purpose is to make a connection with a group of individuals who are not traditionally looked on as church goers and to make a bridge between the church and the bikers,” says Pastor Joseph.

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