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Read the August Visitor Feature: A Place of Their Own

Story by Sylvia Garcia Urrutia; photos by Al Peasley
Published 8/7/2012

Several Hispanic churches around the Columbia Union Conference have started English-language services, with a little Spanish thrown in, to reach young people for Christ. Hispanic youth who had lost interest in the church or stopped attending altogether are now attending these “Spanglish” services. Others are bringing their unchurched friends, and previously uninvolved youth are now becoming leaders.
“We basically only speak English in school … and most parents know a little bit of English, so we really don’t practice Spanish,” shares Paola Sorto, a youth at Potomac Conference’s Germantown Spanish church in Germantown, Md. “On Saturday, during culto divino (divine service), preachers … use words I don’t understand!”
At the beginning of this year, the Germantown Spanish church started a bilingual youth church that meets once a month. Sorto says that she is able to get more out of those services spiritually. Click here to read the full story, which features the many ways Columbia Union churches are reaching second-generation Hispanic youth. Lea esta historia en Español aquí. Click here to watch a video story about Spanglish worship services.

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