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Fredericksburg Members Help 3-Year-old Celebrate Cancer-Free Year

Story by Susan Ware
Published 9/4/12

Tracy Glock holds her 3-year-old daughter, Kira who has been cancer free for the past year.
Kira Glock’s friends, family, neighbors and caregivers—all dressed in orange—recently gathered at the Fredericksburg (Va.) church to celebrate the girl’s third birthday. The day also marked another special occasion. It has been one year since Kira, who also has Downs Syndrome, has been free from leukemia. They wore orange because it is the color for leukemia awareness.
Wanting to help little Kira in anyway they could, Potomac Conference’s Fredericksburg members came together two years ago to host a sacred benefit concert on Kira’s behalf. Fredericksburg members not only helped raised money for Kira’s cancer treatment, they also took turns visiting with her and her family.
With her illness behind them, Kira’s parents, Tracy and John, wore smiles of relief, happiness and pride as they described their daughter’s accomplishments. Kira is now walking, learning to use utensils and saying many new words, including “horse,” which is one of her favorite animals. She can also say, “Thank you” in sign language and her golden locks have grown back.
At the birthday celebration, Kira was wearing an orange gown, and was delighted with the festivities, which included a delicious spread of food, birthday cake and orange ribbon sugar cookie party favors. Guests, especially Kira’s little sister, 18-month-old Allina, enjoyed whacking at the horse piñata.
“A special thank you to all those that prayed for Kira during her battle with leukemia,” said John and Tracy.

Tracy, Kira, Allina and John Glock pose for a family picture during Kira’s birthday celebration.


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2012-09-05 6:26 PM

Praising the Lord with you and lifting up prayers for your family. My daughter had leukemia and she had bone marrow transplant in 2005 September 6 Adrianna is doing well now and is a junior in Highland view. I praise God with you! I want to again thank every one for the help and support from our church and community. God bless you