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Familial Roles Discussed During Ohio Conference’s Manfest

Story by Ohio Conference Staff
Published 9/5/2012

Earlier this summer, some 65 men of all ages converged at Ohio Conference’s Camp Mohaven in Danville for Manfest. The conference intentionally designed and structured the innovative weekend to include spiritual and “manly” activities, concluding with a work bee where the men helped with the construction of Mohaven’s new bathhouse.
Kevin Kuehmichel, pastor of the Walk of Faith Fellowship congregation in Cleveland; Ron Anderson, pastor of the Chillicothe/Jackson/Portsmouth/Manchester district; and Dave Robinson, Mohaven camp ranger, organized the event. During the weekend, attendees discussed fatherhood, including the impact of fatherlessness on society and individuals.
“This created quite a discussion in our breakout groups,” reports Kuehmichel. “Statistics were covered dealing with incarceration, education, obesity and poverty that are directly related to children without dads. We talked about the biblical definition of manhood, and challenged the men to become what God had called them to be in their families, churches and communities.”
Attendee Zoltan Sestak, a Westlake church member, gives a glimpse into the weekend: “The church itself has many mission fields. We have children's ministries like Pathfinders, summer camp, kids Sabbath School, etc. Women have their own ministries … I have never been exposed to a true men's ministry where we focus on the issues, problems and challenges that men face in this sinful, wretched world. Manfest was something completely different. We discussed the real issues of life. Being a loving daddy, a loving husband, together leading our family to the throne of God, was just scratching the surface. In small groups we discussed what true manhood was and how to show our families, our church, the world what a true Christian man should live like. It was a truly deep spiritual experience for me personally.”
On Sunday the men walked around the campsite offering to put their muscles to good use. They cut trees, split wood, painted and built the bathhouse. The hard work only helped the men bond. Another men’s weekend is planned for May 17-19, 2013. For details, visit

Manfest attendees lend their muscles to help construct a new bathhouse for Camp Mohaven in Danville.


Attendees discuss the role of fatherhood and the impact of fatherlessness on society.


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