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Habitat for Humanity Donates $2K to Buena Vista Church’s “Good Works”

Story by Tiffany Doss/Potomac Conference
Published 10/13/2012

After years of Buena Vista members installing foundations for Habitat for Humanity, they were recently rewarded with a $2,000 donation for a mission trip.
“We’re not put on Earth just to accumulate material possessions,” observed Jim Garber, a member of Potomac Conference’s Buena Vista (Va.) church. “We’re meant to help others.”

In 2009 the Buena Vista church elders brainstormed community service project ideas. “One suggestion was to team up with Habitat for Humanity,” said Garber. “Upon further consideration, we decided we would volunteer to install foundations for them. This work had previously been subcontracted out, with Habitat for Humanity paying for labor costs as well as materials. Two of us at the Buena Vista church are masons, me and David Hall. As a team, we figured that laying foundations for Habitat, with no labor cost, would be the greatest contribution we could make as a team.”

To date, Hall and Garber and their faithful crew have completed 11 foundations and started the 12th one Sunday, October 14. They have saved Habitat approximately $15,000 in labor costs.

“This gives our church the opportunity to make a difference in the community while helping to provide decent, affordable housing to individuals unable to secure a conventional loan,” Garber said. “We believe Christianity is all about service, the very things Jesus taught when He was on this Earth.”

After years of working with the Buena Vista church, Habitat for Humanity workers learned about church members’ participation in Potomac’s annual mission trips. On October 17, Lynn Leech, executive director for the Rockbridge Area Habitat for Humanity, presented members with $2,000 to support the effort. “We are grateful for the foundation work volunteer members of the church have so generously provided to Habitat and our homeowners,” said Leech. “Just as they have supported Habitat’s good work in the community, we are pleased to be able to assist the church’s good work in the world.”

Outreach ministry doesn’t stop with foundation work for the Buena Vista church.  Members have given gift bags to elementary school teachers in appreciation for their work; provided free oil changes to single mothers; and have provided an appreciation meal for the local volunteer rescue squad and the police department.

“We really believe in Matthew 25:40,” said Garber, “As ye have done unto the least ye have done it unto Me.”

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