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In Sandy’s Aftermath, Adventist Community Services Leaders Offer Help

Story by Visitor/North American Division Staff
Published 10/31/12

Phil cuts Pastor Farley Blankenship’s hair. The pastor is one of his regular customers from the community.
On a teleconference Tuesday night, Adventist Community Services and Disaster Response (ACS DR) leaders reported that although there has been severe flooding in some communities, downed wires and mile-high sand pushed onto roads, there has been no significant damage to Seventh-day Adventist churches, schools, ministries or the homes of members. So far there have been no reports of members harmed or killed.

There is no doubt that New Jersey and New York were the hardest hit by super storm Sandy, which devastated parts of the East Coast leaving at least 48 people dead and 8 million without power.

For that reason Frank Bondurant, Columbia Union Conference vice president for Ministries Development, says ACS volunteers stand ready to help. “They are working together to do assessments and determine the needs and how to respond,” he said. Since the storm, ACS teams throughout the Columbia and Atlantic union conferences that specialize in warehouse management have been in touch with state and federal agencies to offer assistance.

How You and Your Church or Group Can Help

How can you help? Visit the ACS website. There you can learn how to be prepared for a disaster, how to help others affected and even make a donation.

Churches and small groups such as youth groups, Bible study groups, Sabbath school classes, and others, can also help by making personal care kits to distribute to people who are not able to use their homes due to flooding or wind and tree damage. There are 11 different types of care kits that can help people who are displaced from their homes and schools. Go HERE for the list and contents of each. For updates, check the Disaster Response page on Facebook.

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Elle Westney
2012-11-02 7:32 AM

I feel the HS impressing me to help victims of Sandy in a tangible and physical way.  I live in Maryland and would like to know what can I do to help those suffering?

Visitor Staff
2012-11-05 10:56 AM

Hello Elle, 
You may visit and make a donation. You may also visit the ACS Facebook ( page for more information.