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Pennsylvania Delegates Re-elect Conference Administrators

Story by Tamyra Horst/Pennsylvania Conference

Pennsylvania Conference delegates re-elected Will Peterson, executive secretary; Ray Hartwell, president; and Ron Christman, treasurer. Darlene Peterson and Jeanne Hartwell are pictured with their husbands.
Delegates to the Fourteenth Triennial Session of the Pennsylvania Conference voted yesterday to re-elect Ray Hartwell, president; Will Peterson, executive secretary; and Ron Christman, treasurer. They also voted Jeff Bovee, vice president of Education; Tim Madding, director of Leadership and Spiritual Growth; Tamyra Horst, communication director; Floyd Dare, rust Services director; and Leandro Robinson, Youth and Young Adult Ministries director, to serve for the next three years.

“Jeanne and I take seriously and humbly the call of leadership to the Pennsylvania Conference,” Hartwell told delegates gathered at Blue Mountain Academy in Hamburg, Pa. “We take seriously the call of the [Seventh-day] Adventist Church in these last days to share the gospel with our communities across Pennsylvania. It is a team effort. The administrators are a part of that team. Our departmental directors are a part of the team. Those of you in church leadership roles are a part of the team. Everyone plays a role on our team. No one person is more important than another. We are all needed. Together we can continue God’s work. It is our desire that every person in every community across our state hears the message of salvation and hope that our church has to share.”

After the Pathfinder color guard presented the flags, Pastor Jerry Small invited delegates to sing “To God be the Glory,” which was the theme of the day—all for God’s glory. Dan Jackson, North American Division president, challenged delegates to allow God to take whatever is in their hands and use it in service for Him. “There is only one true north in the Adventist Church—Jesus. He is the center of everything we say and do,” Jackson reminded delegates during his devotional thoughts.

Three churches were voted into the Pennsylvania Conference: Grace Outlet in Reading; Lancaster Hispanic 2 in Lancaster; and Kingston Hispanic in Kingston. As they were officially welcomed into the constituency, President Hartwell prayed with delegates from each of these churches.

Hartwell emphasized four priorities for the conference during his president’s report: First, a commitment to moving youth and young adults into ministry; second, creating and growing grace-filled Adventist churches; third, reaching the large metro areas of Pennsylvania through the conference’s new Mission to the Many ministry, which places young adult missionaries into cities and trains them to work with local churches in reaching their communities; and fourth, encouraging, equipping, and empowering everyone for mission. (The president’s report can be seen at

Along with financial reports from Christman, delegates also heard reports from Blue Mountain Academy, Adventist WholeHealth, Laurel Lake Camp and Retreat Center, and Mission to the Many,

After delegates headed home, the Pennsylvania Conference team gathered for prayer, recognizing that while the meeting they had worked on all year was over, their work was just beginning as they continue to serve Pennsylvania in “Revealing Jesus, Making Disciples.”

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