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Columbia Union Campmeeting--Ohio

By Celeste Ryan Blyden

In honor of the Columbia Union’s centennial, Celeste Ryan Blyden presented an award of appreciation to Ohio Conference members and leaders for their contribution to the growth of the Columbia Union during the last 100 years. President Raj Attiken (second from left) accepted the award, along with executive secretary Hubert Cisneros (left) and Andy Sutton. To learn more about the history of the Columbia Union Conference and Ohio’s role in its development, watch the video “Celebrating a Century.”

The Columbus Ghanaian Church Choir presents a Sabbath evening concert. 
In his stirring Sabbath vespers sermon, evangelist, author, and prayer warrior Ron Halverson, Sr., shares four reasons why Christ must return and why we must be ready.
The producers, a quartet of Ohio’s pastors and leaders (from left) Dan Stevens, Roy Lewinsky, Hubert Cisneros, and David Sullivan, drew cheers from the audience for their musical selection.
After 31 years in ministry, the Toscanos are retiring. Lou Toscano (right) is director of Planned Giving and Development, and his wife, Bette, is an administrative secretary for administration at the Ohio Conference.
Columbus Eastwood church members, pictured with Pastor Larry Grahn (left), enjoy a Sabbath afternoon potluck.
For attendee Clarence Dunbebin, enjoying camp meeting is a piece of cake!