Office of the Treasurer

How We Serve

The Office of the Treasurer serves as a resource center for conferences and also as a liaison between the North American Division and the conferences as they relate to policy, procedures, and processes. Treasury also helps conferences in terms of their financial performance. We review and assess financial statements each month and guide them in financial and budgeting functions. When they are looking for personnel, we help facilitate the placement of financial personnel and treasurers. We also provide training.

In addition, the treasurer serves on a number of boards and committees and gives counsel to the leadership of the Union’s two healthcare systems. He oversees the work of the Union’s Information Technology Services and Plant Services departments as well as ASI.

Fall Treasurers’ Council
Video Presentations
November, 2012

Presentations Presenter(s)
Importing Data into APS Harold Greene
Greg Iverson
GCAS Kimberly Westfall
New York Stock Exchange Kenneth Polcari
Non-Profit Tax Update for Churches Tom Wetmore