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Columbia Union Campmeeting--Allegheny West

By Celeste Ryan Blyden

Columbia Union president Dave Weigley (right) presents a plaque of congratulations to Allegheny West Conference for their 40th anniversary, which they are celebrating at camp meeting. Accepting are the officers (from left): executive secretary Carl Rogers, treasurer Zenobia Seward, and president James Lewis.

Thankfully, the weather was cool and thousands were able to attend camp meeting. They came by car, SUV, bus, and van, and stayed all day until sunset for the ABC sale.

Head deacon for camp meeting, Pastor Joseph P. Lewis who pastors the Waynesboro (Va.) Northeast church and the Bethel church in Staunton, Va., stands in the reverent position with his nephew and protege Gabriel Young, a sharp young junior usher at Youngstown, Pa.'s Temple Emmanuel church. He's one to watch; his future is bright!
The Hackle family -- Keith and Nishina with Ke'maree and Ky'mira -- were baptized within the last month and are attended their first camp meeting. We welcome them to the Adventist family!
Under trees, in the pavilion, in the cafeteria, in the car, and even in the pup tent, lunch is served!
This sign welcomes everyone to AWC Camp Grounds where there's something for every age, even a lake with paddle boats.
A pastor transports attendees from place to place. Thanks to Elder Carl Rogers for my annual tour of the camp grounds where I got to see old friends and Visitor readers, make new friends, and take photos (of course)! See you next year everybody!