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Columbia Union Campmeeting--Pennsylvania

By Celeste Ryan Blyden

"I'm inright, upright, downright, outright happy all the time. ..." It's evident these kindergartners enjoyed song service at their meetings.

Neil Nedley, MD, who gave talks about depression, also gave afternoon workshops on dating in the choir room which drew people of all ages. There was no standing or sitting room available. Hmmm, maybe I need to get the tape!

Each of Pennsylvania's schools prepared displays to highlight the best of their offerings. This one is by York Seventh-day Adventist School.
This year instead of a prayer room, Prayer Ministries coordinator Sue Shobe (thanks to the awesome creations of Nancy Manente) hosted an interactive Prayer Tent with stations that asked questions, shared texts, or allowed for activities. For example, one question asked "What problems do you need to give back to God?" Attendees could write answers on the palm of God's hand. There was so much to see, do, and pray about that Shobe says more than one person visited and stayed for an hour or more.
Tents for the juniors, earliteens, and youth meetings create a beautiful backdrop against the mountains in Hamburg, Pa.
Deborah Wasmer, elementary teacher at Lehigh Valley Elementary School, coordinated the kindergarten programs with lots of attendees and lots of help! Their theme was "Spending the day in the Forest." Here Wasmer engages a few attendees in singing a song called "Let's Help Mr. Beaver."
The exhibit area featured displays by Columbia Union College, Adventist Community Services, Blue Mountain Academy, and many of the conference's ministries, like this one for Women's Ministries. Thanks to Kathleen Sutton, BMA's director of development, for sharing her table with the Visitor!