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Columbia Union Campmeeting--Allegheny East

By Celeste Ryan Blyden


Columbia Union president Dave Weigley presents Allegheny East Conference president Charles Cheatham with a plaque in honor of the Union's centennial.

Ephesus pastor Errol Stoddart, of Richmond, Va., does an awesome job each year leading song service for the morning worship service at camp meeting. It's not camp meeting if Pastor Stoddart isn't "emceeing" the program. He also has a beautiful singing voice. Look for a feature on his church in your July 2007 Visitor.

Pastors Brenda Billingy (Bladensburg, Md., church) and Marcellus Robinson (Emmanual-Brinklow church) watch the crowds from their golf cart. Every year, pastors work camp meeting, handling security, organizing programs, putting up tents, and cleaning up when the meetings are over. Thanks for a great job Pastors!
Speaking of good work, these ushers, part of the Allegheny East Ushers Federation which started in 1956, use their feet and do the ushering every year at camp meeting and other events. They include members from all AEC churches and are currently led by president Maxine Suddler (front row, fourth from left). I especially owe them thanks for helping me distribute all my loot year after year! Thanks ushers!
Of course, after church it's time for lunch. There's the singles lunch, the president's lunch, and numerous church lunches, and more. Here, members of Baltimore's Berea Temple congregation enjoy their meal together. Happy Sabbath ya'll! 
I went to college with this stately gentlemen, now a leader in his local congregation (Baltimore's Liberty church). On Sabbath, he, his wife, and son donned matching outfits from his native Nigeria. Very sharp Festus!