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City Council Honors Potomac Member

By Celeste Ryan Blyden

Earlier this month, the Takoma Park (Md.) City Council recognized Sligo church member Erwin Mack (pictured with Mayor Kathryn Porter) for the “tireless and determined efforts” he has shown during 20 years of leading the Takoma Langley Crossroads Development Authority (CDA). Mack, founder and executive director of the CDA, started the organization in 1987 to promote and market the businesses in the commercial district where the cities of Langley Park and Takoma Park, Md., meet. At the time, this church elder and school board member was the owner of a bedding store.

Upon retiring, Mack continued to work with the CDA’s board of directors, successfully advocating for more effective crime prevention programming, pedestrian safety improvements, stronger code enforcement measures, streetscape improvements, and funding and resources necessary to maintain the economic vitality of the business community, etc.

“I’m not a pest, just responsibly persistent,” explains the volunteer public servant who also chairs the Adventist Community Action Council, a coalition that engages leaders from all the Adventist schools, churches, and organizations in Takoma Park, in community service efforts.

The resolution to honor Mack for his “hard work and determination” was unanimously endorsed by Mayor Kathryn Porter and the entire Council. Each member then shared words of appreciation for Mack’s contributions.

“When church members are so highly appreciated for their community involvement, I think other members will be inspired to similar involvement,” says John Wagner, Sligo’s pastor for administration, who was present for the presentation.