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January 2016




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Through photos and commentary, president Dave Weigley provides an inside look at what he does, where he travels, and who he meets along the way.

Archives 2008
President's Blog

June, 2008

In light of gas prices, I decided to ride my Harley to the Mountain View Camp Meeting held in Huttonsville, W.VA. It was a great ride!  Larry Boggess, (far right) President of Mountain View Conference requested a photo with the pastors and me.
This is the new youth building at Valley Vista Campgrounds in the Mountain View Conference.
On Sabbath, June 7, 2008 I had the privilege of attending the Ohio Conference Camp Meeting where the children made a presentation during the worship service.
Hubert Cisneros, Secretary of the Ohio Conference and Victor Brown, Dean for Enrollment Management at Kettering College of Medical Arts, hold a t-shirt illustrating the youth project during camp meeting. During the week, Ohio Conference youth made over the home of an elderly woman.
In late May, the Columbia Union College Board of Trustees gathered for a retreat. Dr. Weymouth Spence, (bottom right) President Columbia Union College looks on as presenter Dr. Dick Osborn speaks.
Phyllis Edmonds, Esq. makes a point during one of the presentations during the CUC Board Retreat.

January, 2008

On Sabbath, January 12, 2008, I had the privilege of preaching at both the Rising Sun and Providence Seventh-day Adventist Churches located in the northeastern part of Maryland. Both churches are pastored by Art Miller, standing with his wife Louise. Pastor Miller and Louise are graduates of Blue Mountain Academy, and went to school with my older brothers and sisters at BMA.
Mark Williams was baptized on January 5, 2008 at the Rising Sun Church after receiving Bible studies. He is 2008’s newest member.
The Rising Sun Seventh-day Adventist Church in Rising Sun, Md. A church that believes in the risen Son!
The inside of the Rising Sun church.
Les is a member of the Providence Adventist Church. His grandchildren attend Rising Sun, so Les was at both Rising Sun and Providence churches to hear me preach. Les turns 81 this year, congratulations Les!
Providence church in Elkton, Md. The congregation began in 1894.